Roblox Project Ghoul Kagune Tier List & Reroll Guide (2023)

Roblox Project Ghoul is inspired by popular series Tokyo Ghoul

Project Ghoul is a Roblox game that has been developed by GX project Ghoul. This game derives its inspiration from the anime series Tokyo Ghoul. As readers might know this series is quite popular. It is not surprising that fans want a game where they can dive into the Tokyo Ghoul universe. For the game, players can either choose to play as Ghoul or as CCG.

This is quite an important choice and will determine the path of the game for the players. Ghouls need to feed on humans in this game. Meanwhile, the CCG is an organization that solves Ghoul-related crimes. If players choose to play as a Ghoul, they will get the opportunity to pick a Kagune. However, not all Kagune are the same in Project Ghoul. This is why we have created this Project Ghoul Kagune Tier List to help you decide which Kagune to choose in the game.

Best Kagune Project Ghoul Tier List



The best Kagune in the game. Players that get to roll this need to keep them.





Excellent Kagune that can still cause a lot of havoc with their skills.




Average Kagune that can still be great in the hands of the right player.



BikakuB (one eyed)


Kagune that should be traded up quickly.



This is our tier list for the best Kagune in Project Ghoul. If you are wondering how to get the best Kagune in Project Ghoul, read on further.

How To Reroll For Kagune In Project Ghoul?


Players will get three rerolls when they choose to play as a Ghoul. If they roll a Kagune that they like, it’s awesome. However, is there a way to reroll past the three spins? The short answer is that players cannot reroll beyond the three spins in Project Ghoul. Although it is always possible for players to open a new game and try to get the Kagune that they want from those rerolls.

This is your Project Ghoul Kagune Tier List. We hope it was helpful for you. For more such tier list, check out Games Adda’s Tier List Section.