Princess Connect Re: Dive (Priconne) Tier List: How To Perform A Reroll?

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Tier List will allow you to roll the best princesses to have in your party and How To Perform A Reroll in the game.

Princess Connect Re: Dive (Priconne) is one of the best Gacha RPGs out there and was developed by Cygames. The game features over 100 princesses that can be added to your party. Each of these characters has a unique set of abilities suited for different playstyles. To know which princess is the best for you guys we have made this guide on Princess Connect Re: Dive (Priconne) Tier List & How To Perform A Reroll In The Game.

When you get started the game you will need to go through the Tutorial Level after which you will get the opportunity to make a Gacha Pull. By doing so you will be able to unlock a random character that you can use and start your journey in the game. For this, you must be aware of which character you have won and will suit your playstyle. The list given below will help you understand your hero much better.

NOTE:- The list given below will just give a rough idea of what you want your party to look like. The tier-list is based on my own opinion as well as the opinions of various communities where I researched for more information. Since each of them has their own unique abilities plus the ranking also requires them to be fully equipped the results may vary accordingly. 

Princess Connect Re: Dive Tier List


Tier Heroes
S Djeeta, Akino, Anna, Hatsune, Rino
A Makoto, Shizuru, Nozomi, Eriko, Saren, Monika, Ninon, Io, Suzuna, Shiori, Jun, Kokkoro, Maho
B Kaori, Rei, Kuka, Miyako, Kurumi, Mitsuki, Yori, Mimi, Misaki, Ayane, Rin, Tsumugi, Misato
C Tamaki, Misogi, Lima, Hiyori, Akari, Mifuyu, Shinobu, Chika, Yuki,Illya
D Mahiru, Yukari, Suzume, Aoi


Tier Heroes
S Akino
A Djeeta, Eriko, Jun, Kaori, Makoto, Shizuru, Tamaki
B Hiyori, Nozomi, Rei, Ayanne
C Kurumi, Misogi, Tamaki
D Kuka, Miyako, Lima, Tsumugi


Tier Heroes
S Akino, Shizuru
A Djeeta, Jun, Kuka, Makoto, Miyako, Nozomi, Pecorine
B Lima
C Eriko, Kurumi, Misogi, Rei, Tamaki
D Hiyori, Kaori


Tier Heroes
S Saren
A Akari, Anna, Kokkoro, Monika, Ninon, Rin
B Mifuyu, Mimi, Mitsuki, Shinobu, Yukari
C Yori, Illya
D Mahiru


Tier Heroes
S Hatsune, Rino
A Io, Maho, Shiori, Yuki
B Aoi, Misaki, Suzuna, Yui, Kyoka
C Chika, Arisa, Misato
D Suzume

If you get a character that is weak and not suited for your gameplay and is not in the list that we have given then it is recommended that you try to get a different character by rerolling.

How To Perform A Reroll In Princess Connect Re: Dive

There are various methods that you can opt for to perform a reroll in the game. Some of these methods can be needlessly complicated which is why we have decided to give out the most easiest and straightforward method of rerolling the game. Just follow the simple steps that we have given below.

Step 1:- First you must download and install the game

Step 2:- Once installed Start the game.

Step 3:- Make sure that you haven’t signed in via an account. Hit the cancel button if it prompts you to do so.

Step 4:- Select the option to skip the dialogue download

Step 5:- After this select the standard animations option to speed up the overall download.

Step 6:- Play the Tutorial until you have reached the first Gacha Pull.

Step 7:- Check the Character that you have received.

Step 8:- Now you can grab your daily rewards and free currency and make as many Gacha Pulls that you wish to do.

Step 9:- If you are satisfied with the Hero that you received then you can link your account through the settings menu.

Step 10:- If not then you can uninstall the game and then repeat the whole process until you are satisfied.

Hope you guys can make good use of the Princess Connect Re: Dive Tier List and progress smoothly in the game. While here you may also like other Tier Lists by clicking on the link.