Phantom Blade Executioners Class Tier List (January 2023)

Here is the tier list ranking all the classes in Phantom Blade Executioners

Phantom Blade Executioners is the latest turn-based fighting game with elements of gacha. Players get to choose characters from the world of Phantom Blade and go on an all-new adventure. Every character has a class as well that determines the significant attributes. Here is a tier list ranking all the classes in Phantom Blade Executioners along with their fighting style and weapons.

Phantom Blade Executioners Class Tier List – January 2023

Players can choose from four classes in Phantom Blade Executioner, here’s the tier-wise ranking of all four classes.

Mu Xiaokui

Mu is the princess of the organization and behaves like one as well. This angry princess is also a trained assassin and an expert in extermination. Along with that, Mu Xiaokui is also an expert in agili – y and which makes all her strikes deadly. Her primary weapon is Privilege that is a sword with sharp edges, and every swing also invites her followers Iron Husk and Jade Wraith to add to the attack.


Soul might appear to be a loner and not trustworthy, but you will realize he is the best friend out of all the characters as the story progresses. Apart from a very well-crafted story, Soul is also very agile, which allows him to deliver deadly blows that can also cut through steel.  Sanguine is Soul’s weapon, a red sword-like weapon without a tip. While the weapon can cut through steel, players need a good amount of practice to use it well.

Zuo Shang

Zuo Shang is the captain of the group, and one of her prominent skills is strategy formation. With a very secretive attitude, Zuo is almost unpredictable, making his attacks even deadlier. Zuo can use Sha-chi as weapons and control the battle like no one else. The Golden Visage is Zuo’s primary weapon, a sword made out of pure gold but needs to be used in a certain way to get the most of it.


Xianzhe is rumoured to be Ku Kong’s maid and one of the most difficult to pierce through physically and emotionally. She is also the smoothest in battle, and when she uses her flagship weapon, Pipa, she becomes unstoppable.

These were all the character classes you can choose in Phantom Blade Executioners.

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