Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal Tier List (All Ranked)

Use the Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal tier list to learn about the best ones and apply them to defeat your opponent faster.

Peroxide is one of the most popular manga-turned-anime inspired games of Roblox. Taking the elements of Bleach, you can become the Soul Reaper, Quincy, Hollow, and Fullbringer. While progressing through your clan you will master different kinds of moves from Schrift to Twin Soul. However, at one point, you will find yourself wanting to enhance even the best of your abilities, and that is when these crystals come into the picture. They will give your move different kinds of buffs or restrict the opponent from using theirs.

Although they are pretty useful, only one can be used on a skill. If you want to add a different one, you will need to replace the current gem. Despite wanting to make the changes, you will find yourself reluctant to do that, as even the common ones are hard to acquire. I mean they do cost you 10 Time Relics. For all that, it is best to first check the Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal tier list, and then combine the best ones to save yourself from endless grinding.

Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal Tier List (2024)

Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal Tier List
Image Credit: Kichi on YouTube

S Tier Reiatsu Crystal

  • Crystal of Despair: This will surround the opponent with a dark aura, making them unable to use abilities when used.
  • Crystal of Exponentiality: It delays the enemy’s attack and increases your move’s damage to 30%.
  • Crystal of Conduction: Adds a lightning strike to your move, followed by the down slam that deals extra damage.
  • Crystal of Terra: It will create a wall behind your enemy, which deals extra damage when they collide with it.

A Tier Reiatsu Crystal

  • Crystal of Inferno: As the name suggests, this will add burn damage to your move.
  • Crystal of Clutch: Pulls your enemy closer. Useful for the melee fighters.
  • Crystal of Null: This will greatly increase the move’s damage rate, but will reduce your subsequent damage for some time.
  • Crystal of Ichor: Grants you the ability of lifesteal.
  • Crystal of Chains: Deals damage to all the surrounding opponents.
  • Crystal of Creep: Use this to drain your opponent’s Reiatsu.

B Tier Reiatsu Crystal

  • Crystal of Artificiality: Deals more damage to NPCs. Useful during PvE fights.
  • Crystal of Degression: Removes the effect of applied crystal for the opponent.
  • Crystal of Glass: Makes the block breakers do as much as they can usually deal when the enemy isn’t blocking.
  • Crystal of Reap: Except for the health packs disables all healing for the enemy.
  • Crystal of Prodigy: Enhance the mastery of the move to which it is applied.

C Tier Reiatsu Crystal

  • Crystal of Spirit: Removes the Anti-Reiatsu regeneration and halves the Reiatsu cost.
  • Crystal of Aegis: It gives you the hyper armor that blocks one hit, but it doesn’t apply to counters and guard breaks.
  • Crystal of Wind: This lets you perform perfect dodge while adding wind dash for a brief period.
  • Crystal of Force: Increases knockback for the move.
  • Crystal of Shadow: Darkens the enemy’s screen while reducing their damage by 5%.

With this Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal tier list, you can now select and apply the best buff or debuff on your ability. To find more topics from this game, check out our Roblox section.