Obey Me! Nightbringer: Best Characters Tier List (2023)

Want to know about the best characters in Obey Me! Nightbringer? Check out this guide.

A lot of players are searching to know about the best characters in Obey Me Nightbringer. If you are one of them, you have landed in the right place. In this guide, we have covered all the best heroes in a tier list. Check out this guide and learn all there is to know about the best heroes in the game.

Best Heroes in Obey Me Nightbringer – Tier List (2023)

Best characters Obey Me Nightbringer

Here, we have covered the tier list of best characters in Obey Me Nightbringer. The tier list is divided into 4 tiers which ranges from the S tierto the C tier. Here, the S tier is the apex tier and the bottom tier is C tier. Refer to this list and add the strongest characters to your hero list.

S Tier

  • Asmodeus
  • Lucifer
  • Leviathan
  • Belphegar

A Tier

  • Diavolo
  • Satan
  • Mephistopheles
  • Luke

B Tier

  • Barbatos
  • Beelzebub
  • Mammon
  • Solomon
  • Thirteen

C Tier

  • Raphael
  • Simeon

At the time of writing, this is the complete list of characters added in the game. This tier list can be subjective to every player. So, it is best to download and play this game and experiment with different heroes in your gameplay.

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How to Reroll Heroes

Unfortunately, the developers haven’t elaborated on the rolling system of the game. So, it is yet unclear if you can reroll for characters of not. However, you can bookmark this page as we keep updating the guides as soon as any new updates arrive.

This is all you need to know about the best characters in Obey Me Nightbringer tier list. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you are here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as Demian Saga Best Characters Tier List and Nations of Darkness Best Heroes Tier List.