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Nok Piece Fruit Tier List (November 2022) – All Fruits Ranked

Here's an up-to-date and reliable Nok Piece fruit tier list.

Nok Piece is one of the most talked-about games on Roblox. Created in March this year, it has already been visited by more than 15 million users. Of these users, more than 75 players have marked this game as their favorite Roblox game.

Unlike other Roblox games, Nok Piece has numerous fruits that spawn on the map every 30 minutes and despawn in 15 minutes. When a game has this number of fruits, it becomes quite a difficult task for players to determine which one is the best.

With that in mind, we have created the Nok Piece fruit tier list, ranking all fruits available in the game.

Nok Piece Fruit Tier List –  2022

In our tier list, we have ranked all fruits available in Nok Piece from worst to best. To check whether the fruit is worth picking up or not, take a look at the following list.

10. Suke

In this update, Suke was nerfed because of the auto farm while in the previous update, it was completely invisible. So, if you have gotten your hands on this fruit, I advise you to replace it as quickly as possible.

9. Spin

We have ranked Spin Fruit at number 9 position because we did not find anything interesting in them. Notably, there are only three fruits in Nok Piece that can fly and Guru is one of them. They may have the ability to fly but there are some downsides that compelled us to list at number 9.

8. Barrier

Unlike Guru, Barrier has some damage skills that cause a significant amount of damage to opponents. There are players who love Barrier because it can stun NPC and Player but Hitbox is too small for PVP. Notably, the stun effect does not last long.

7. Bomb

There are thousands of players who can argue that Bomb is one of the best uncommon fruits. But it only has one AOE skill and two other skins that are quite difficult to aim. The bomb might not be a perfect choice but it is way better than Barrier and Guru.

6. Buddha

Hito is one of the best uncommon fruits in Nok Piece right now. What makes it better than Bomb and Barrier is it has 2 big AOE skills and decent damage skills. However, as you progress, you will become bigger with no additional health. When it happens, everyone can inflict a lot of damage.

5. Light

Pika is one of the fastest fruits in Nok Piece right now. It may be the fastest one but it is also the worst logia in the game. However, it has the potential to cause huge damage to opponents. The one more drawback of Pika is its AOE. Regardless of drawbacks, you must give it a try because it is too better than the above-mentioned Nok Piece fruits.

4. Mera

Mera has a fighting skill but it can be fully controlled, unlike Pika. The only reason why we have ranked Mera above Pika is it has better Hitbox and damage.

3. Ice

There are numerous reasons why we put Ice in the top three Nok Piece fruits and one of them is it has a big AOE and can stun the enemy. It is worth getting OP for farming.

2. Thunder

Thunder is one of the best Logia in Nok Piece so far. Goro’s skill has the potential to deal a significant amount of damage. Goro is surely the best fruit to use in Nok Piece.

1. Quake

Quake is undoubtedly one of the best fruits available in Nok Piece. It may be a Paramecia but all of its skills have a bigger AOE and deal tons of damage.

That’s the end of our Nok Piece fruit tier list. If you have any questions regarding this tier, you can ask in the comment section below.