Mario Kart Tour: Kart Tier List (April 2023)

Race ahead in Mario Kart Tour with this Mario Kart Tour Tier List

Mario Kart Tour is a racing game where players can take the Mario brothers for a fast spin. While there are a lot of Karts available in the game, players will need the best to race across the finish line first. This is why we have put together this Mario Kart Tour Tier List, so players can have a look at the best Karts in the game. We have ranked the Karts from S to C Tier depending on their features.

Karts Tier List For Mario Kart Tour

S-Tier Karts

These are the best Karts in Mario Kart Tour and give the highest value and ability efficiency. These Karts are reliable, efficient, and can get players across the finish line with great bonuses to boot. The Mini-Turbo Plus skill is a major reason behind a lot of these vehicles belonging to the S-Tier.

Dark Hop Rod
Sushi Racer
Black Turbo Birdo
Gray Cat Cruiser
Cat Cruiser
Rambi Runner
Wild Black
DK Maximum
Dark Trickster
8-Bit Pipe Frame
Lime Tea Coupe
Green Circuit
Black Kabuki Dasher
Cheep Snorkel
Gold Egg
Head Honcho
Clackety Kart
Rose Queen
Bright Bunny
Carrot Kart
Fast Frank
Penguin Slider
Jade Hop Rod
Pumpkin Kart
B Dasher Mk. 2
Prop Kart
Cupid’s Arrow
Wild Slugger
Gold Cheep Charger
Silver King
Festival Girl
Choco Macharon
Silver Bullet Blaster
Ribbon Rider
Cleanup Hitter
Star-Spangled Flyer
Grand Badwagon
Warrior Wagon
Crimson Hop Rod
Inferno Flyer
Kamek’s Zoom Broom
Platinum Taxi
Pink Dozer

A-Tier Karts

The base stats, special abilities and skills of these Karts might be a little lower than those in S-Tier but that does not mean these vehicles are anything to look down on. Players can dominate the game with Karts from this tier in the Mario Kart Tour Tier List.

Happy Ride
Combo Cruiser
Frosty Bells
White Snow Skimmer
Frost Wing
Red Taxi
Blue Badwagon
Brown Offroader
Gilded King
Gold Clanky Kart
Wild Wing
Steel Driver
Sakura Quickshaw
Bumble V
Holiday King
Rose Taxi
Yellow Taxi
Jet Cruiser
Pinch Hitter
Orange Streamliner
Dark Buggy
Sunset Cloud
Decal Streamliner
Comet Tail
Crawly Kart
Ice Dozer
B Dasher
Gold Pipe Frame
Pink Wing
Queen Bee
Dreamy Egg
Ice-blue Poltergust
Dark Clown
Apple Kart
Poison Apple Kart
Jingle Bells
Black Dozer
Kabuki Dasher
Dozer Dasher
Blue Soda
Iron Cucumber
White Turbo Yoshi
Black Turbo Yoshi
Wildfire Flyer

B Tier Karts 

Offering a more modest performance track record than the other two Tiers, these Karts can be decent enough. However, if players are looking for more star power, they should move up the Mario Kart Tour Tier List.

Black Cat Cruiser
Wild Pink
Gold Train
Snow Skimmer
Sports Coupe
Banana Master
Swift Jack
Purple Bunny
Surf Sailer
Clanky Kart
Gilded Prancer
Blue Royale
Green Apple Kart
Karp Kart
Glam Bruiser
Gold Snow Skimmer
Circuit Special
DK Jumbo
Green Standard 8
Blue Turbo Yoshi
Gold Cheep Snorkel
Red Standard 8
White Royale
Turbo Birdo

C Tier Karts

Not the in this Mario Kart Tour Tier List if players want to move up through the game. These Karts are low value as well as low stats.

Gold Blooper
Radish Rider
Cloud 9
Tea Coupe
Egg 1
Sweet Daytripper
Soda Jet
Black Circuit
Black B Dasher
Ghost Ride
Koopa King
Yellow Turbo Birdo
Super Blooper
Turbo Yoshi
Super 1
Black Penguin Slider
Pirate Sushi Racer
Chrome DK Jumbo
Koopa Clown
Red B Dasher
Red Streamliner
Mach 8
Bolt Buggy
Sunny Surf Sailer
Cheep Charger
Green Cheep Charger
Dasher II
Red Turbo Yoshi
Birthday Girl Daisy
Barrel Train
Bull’s-Eye Banzai
Blue Biddybuggy
Birthday Girl Rosalina
Rambi Rider
Pipe Frame
Poltergust 4000
Pipe Buggy
Light-blue Turbo Birdo
Flame Flyer
Birthday Girl
Green Kiddie Kart
Blue Seven
Pink Mushmellow
Red Kiddie Kart
Koopa Dasher
Bullet Blaster


This is the Mario Kart Tour: Kart Tier List. While you are here, also check out the Super Mario Party Dice Tier List.