Lord Of Heroes Tier List (July 2022) – LOH Best Heroes Ranked

The Lord Of Heroes Tier List below will help you determine which heroes should be your highest priority and in which you should invest your time and resources.

Lord of Heroes continues as one of the best mobile RPGs of all time, with an interactive narrative, rich content, incredible gameplay, epic skill cut scenes, stunning anime-styled graphics, and a massive character pool. Like every other RPG title, success in this game is dependent on the characters you select to form a formidable team. As a result, here is the perfect Lord Of Heroes tier list that has been specially crafted to support you in ruling the chaotic universe full of war and saving it from destruction.

Lord Of Heroes Tier List – 2022


The LOH tier list will give you a good understanding of each character’s class, element, PvP rating alongside PvP rating as well to help you decide which is worth your investment when it comes to skill upgradation. The list is arranged in tiers, with Tier S featuring the strongest heroes and Tier D featuring the weakest heroes.

LOH Tier S

Hero Element Class PvP Rank PvE Rank
Vanessa Light Cleric S B
Walther Earth Guardian S A
Schneider Water Striker S S
Rosanna Drak Guardian S S
Olivia Light Striker S S
Olivia Earth Sniper S B
Nine Earth Striker S s
Mei Ling Earth Striker S B
Mei Ling Light Sniper S S
Lumie Water Warrior S S
Lairei Fire Warrior S S
Lairei Earth Striker S S
Krom Fire Warrior S S
Krom Water Guardian S S
Joshua Water Sniper S A
Johan Fire Cleric S S
Aslan Earth Warrior S S
Alev Fire Striker S A


LOH Tier A

Hero Element Class PvP Rank PvE Rank
Vanessa Water Cleric A S
Rosanna Fire Striker A S
Olivia Water Sniper A B
Nine Water Warrior A A
Mikhail Dark Sniper A C
Laphlaes Earth Warrior A A
Laphlaes Fire Sniper A A
Joshua Fire Striker A A
Johan Light Warrior A A
Helga Water Striker A A
Fram Water Guardian A B
Astrid Fire Striker A S

LOH Tier B


Hero Element Class PvP Rank PvE Rank
Vanessa Fire Cleric B S
Schneider Fire Striker B A
Lumie Earth Guardian B B
Helga Dark Warrior B B
Charlotte Earth Cleric B B

LOH Tier C

Hero Element Class PvP Rank PvE Rank
Lucilicca Earth Strker C S
Dhurahan Dark Warrior C S
Astrid Water Warrior C A
Astrid Earth Sniper C A
Alev Water Warrior C C


LOH Tier D

Hero Element Class PvP Rank PvE Rank
Zaira Fire Guardian D D
Schneider Earth Warrior D D
Nine Dark Sniper D C
Mei Ling Fire Sniper D D
Lucilicca Water Sniper D C
Helga Fire Warrior D D
Dhurahan Fire Warrior D C
Dhurahan Earth Guardian D D
Charlotte Water Cleric D D

To conclude, your primary focus should be on the characters in Lord Of Heroes Tiers S and A, followed by Tier B. Tier C heroes should be used only when you have no other choice, and Tier D heroes should be avoided because they are worthless.

Note: Since the tier list is designed, keeping PvP players in mind, PvE players must check the ranking before making any decisions.

That’s it! For more tier list click here.


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