Last Cloudia Tier List (January 2023) – All Characters Ranked

Refer to the Last Cloudia tier list given below and form the powerful unit.

I’m not sure about you, but the concept of humans and creatures coexisting in the same world has truly amazed me. Aren’t you amused by the human-beast interaction in Last Cloudia? The epic RPG does boast an appealing plot and brutal battles.

To win these tough fights you must compose a well-thought-out team. Luckily, while searching the Last Cloudia tier list you ended up at the right place? How? Well scroll till the end and you’ll know.

Last Cloudia Tier List – January 2023

Last Cloudia Tier List

On your crazy journey, you select playable units known as heroes, which you unlock through the Gacha mechanics. With each hero in the game exhibiting special skill sets you must be careful to choose those that can glide through any fight and match the current meta. You can do that by going through the list below and deciding how you can balance out to form a solid party.

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Heroes are ranked along with their type, role, and element so you can choose based on your playstyle. Lastly, our Last Cloudia tier has divided all heroes available in the game into six tiers — S (BEST), A, B, C, D, & F (WORST) based on their effectiveness. Finally, let’s start with the tier list.

Tier S

What do I tell about the heroes of tier S? They are the best and perfect heroes in the new meta. You are fortunate if you get them.

Hero Type Role Element
Thunderbolt Sevia Soldier Melee DPS, Breaker Lightning
Luger Sniper Ranged DPS Dark
Hero Davan Soldier Melee DPS, Tank Earth

Tier A

Last Cloudia tier A list heroes are the second-best in the game. They form the strongest team, and getting them on your side means no disappointment.

Hero Type Role Element
Killer Ice Princess Sevia Soldier Melee DPS Ice
Godhunter Shin Soldier Melee DPS Neutral
Dyne of the Three Sages Sorcerer Ranged Magical DPS Fire, Dark
Ice General Zekus Sorcerer Ranged Magical DPS, Breaker Ice
Lanceveil Knight Tank Lightning
Zouglas Knight Melee DPS, Tank Earth
Zaix Soldier Melee DPS, Breaker, Thief Neutral

Tier B

You just need to train them, which is simple and quick, before you can add them to form a team. They aren’t as good as tier A and tier S characters, but they are satisfactory.

Hero Type Role Element
Lukiel God Melee DPS, Support Light
Master Thief Robin Soldier Melee DPS, Thief Dark
Soul Reaper Melza God Melee Physical and Magical DPS Dark
Prince Gorm Soldier Melee DPS, Tank, Support Neutral
Warlock Leena Sorcerer Healer Earth
Princess Lilah Sorcerer Ranged Magical DPS, Healer Light
Lily God Ranged Magical DPS Light, Dark

Tier C

Last Cloudia tier C list heroes are mediocre. You can use them, but they aren’t that useful. However, there’s no reason to get rid of them as well.

Hero Type Role Element
Doura, the Bluebeard Soldier Melee DPS, Counter Ice
Goroth, the Giant Creature Tank, Melee DPS Neutral
Mysterious Girl Theria Sorcerer Healer, Support Light
Beast Romel Beast Melee DPS, Support Light
Vaughn Soldier Melee DPS, Breaker Fire
Selios Soldier Melee DPS Ice

Tier D

The heroes in Tier D require a lot of effort to be used. If you’re a seasoned player, you’ll have less trouble making them worthwhile. However, they must be replaced as soon as possible.

Hero Type Role Element
Rei, the Beast Beast Breaker Lightning
Sky Hero Graevin Spirit Melee DPS Neutral
Maddine Sorcerer Melee Physical and Magical DPS, Support, Tank Earth
Eliza Sorcerer Magical DPS Fire

Tier F

In the existing game meta, Tier F heroes are the worst to have. As a result, it is advised to trade them for top-tier heroes as soon as possible.

Hero Type Role Element
Lilebette of the Blaze Sniper Ranged DPS, Support Neutral
Blood Rose Sorcerer Melee Magical DPS, Breaker Dark
White Knight Melza Knight Melee DPS, Support Light
Swordsman Kyle Soldier Melee DPS, Breaker Fire

As I previously said, you have arrived at the correct place, as you found a detailed Last Cloudia tier list to support you in making an informed decision. Since you are here also check out the
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