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Illusion Connect Tier List And Reroll Guide (November 2022)

Our guide on Illusion Connect Tier List will give you a complete explanation of the characters along with How To Perform A Reroll in-game.

Illusion Connect is a mobile real-time action strategy game that allows you to build your partners, known as Radiants, and socialize with them in a myriad of social modes. The game is one of the best among many RPG Gacha genres. It requires planning and strategizing for the toughest party to progress smoothly in the game. This is why we have decided to make Illusion Connect Tier List for you guys. This will give you a basic overview of which characters are worth aiming for.

Your gameplay will improve or get worse depending on how smartly you pair your party members. This is because each character has his or her own characteristics and expel in their specific class. In this guide along with a complete explanation of the characters, we will also she showing you guys How To Perform A Reroll in the game.

Illusion Connect Tier List – November 2022

The rankings are split up into Six distinct tiers: S, A, B, C, D & E. Each of these has been compiled based on its specific set of abilities and powers.

NOTE:- The list given below will just give a rough idea of what you want your party to look like. The tier-list is based on my own opinion as well as the opinions of various communities where I researched for more information. 

S – Tier List

Illusion Connect Tier List & How To Reroll

S tier charters are the best and have great abilities. They are super powerful and can become viable quite early on in the game.

S – Tier List 
Hero  Class
Anna Heal
Gemmy Attack
Kasumi Attack
Miyuki Spell
Nicola Sorcerer
Yuffie Sorcerer

A – Tier List

Illusion Connect Tier List & How To Reroll

A – Tier characters are the ones that do not lack in power and can give tough competition to the S – tier characters.

A – Tier List
Hero  Class
Angela Guardian
Ann Summon
Berial Guardian
Charlotte Light
Eileen Light
Gaguku Summon
Hachi Sorcerer
Vivian Light
Hersey Attack
Kiraya Guardian
Maki Attack
Nina Sorcerer
Pan Attack
Phoebe Light
Rikia Spell
Rotania Sorcerer
Saya Attack
Selena Guardian
The Enforcer Summon

B – Tier List

Illusion Connect Tier List & How To Reroll

B -Tier characters are the ones that will bring a good amount of power to the squad. They are quite the decent and powerful bunch to have with you.

B – Tier List 
Hero  Class
Abby Attack
Amon Light
Annie Guardian
Annis Dora Summon
Barinas Guardian
Camille Guardian
Cubie Light
Diamond Heal
Diana Heal
Fenebeth Sorcerer
Gigi Attack
Hotaru Attack
Jasmine Heal
Lunar Attack
Mad Hatter Summon
Ming Heal
Nefir Sorcerer
Polly Heal
Rie Sorcerer
Sachiko Guardian
Victoria Guardian
Yume Attack
Shanti Guardian

C – Tier List

Illusion Connect Tier List & How To Reroll

C – Tier characters are the ones that fall somewhere in the middle and will be useful to a certain extent in the game.

C – Tier List 
Hero  Class
Alice Light
Beatrice Spell
Brooke Light
Carol Attack
Chiyo Sorcerer
Edward Attack
Frantiva Summon
Mary Sorcerer
Mei Attack

D – Tier List

Illusion Connect Tier List & How To Reroll

D -Tier characters aren’t great but can fill out a few extra spots on a team if needed.

D – Tier List 
Hero  Class
Ashwaya Summon
Flora Summon
Harto Light
Mia Attack
Nanalie Spell
Tiffany Sorcerer

E – Tier List

Illusion Connect Tier List & How To Reroll

E – tier characters are comprised of the ones that arent even worth looking into. Try avoiding them as much as possible.

E – Tier List 
Hero  Class
Bontenmaru Guardian
Loro Guardian
Penny Attack

Illusion Connect Reroll Guide

Rerolling is very important when it comes to Gacha Games. The heroes that you can acquire are completely based on how good your luck when you perform a Gacha pull. And Rerolling helps you to keep making pulls so that you can get the character that you wish for. Below are the steps that you must follow to perform a reroll in Illusion Connect.

Step 1:- When you first create an Account for the game, Select the Guest option.

Step 2:- Play the Tutorial until you have reached a point where you can perform a 10x summon. (If you have received the Hero that you wish to have then you need not follow the next step and won’t need to reroll again)

Step 3:- Go to your Character Profile at the very top left of the screen.

Step 4:- Select the Switch Account option.

Step 5:- Select the Confirm option.

Step 6:- Now click on the drop-down menu and select ‘New account’

Step 7:- You will see ‘More options’ click on it.

Step 8:- Again select the Guest option.

Step 9:- Continue the process that you did in Step 2, If you are satisfied with the character that you received you can skip and continue the steps that we have given below. If not then keep repeating the whole process.

Step 10:- Once you have got the Character that you wished for Go to your Character Profile.

Step 11:- Once there click on the Account option.

Step 12:- After this select the ‘Bind Account’ and select the account that you wish to bind your game with.

And with this end-all, you will need to know from Illusion Connect Tier List along with How To Perform A Reroll in-game. While here you may also like our other guides on Tier Lists by clicking on the link.