Idle Fish Kingdoms Tier List – Ranked (2023)

Here are the best characters of Idle Fish Kingdoms ranked in tiers.

It is a unique card game with fish and other sea creatures as finlords. Here beating opponents and proving your worth is not easy, you need a strong and reliable companion. No need to worry, as we have got you covered, check out this best finlord tier list for Idle Fish Kingdoms. And unlock the top lords.

Best Finlords Tier List for Idle Fish Kingdoms (2023)

Idle Fish Kingdoms Ranked

This list of best to worst Finlords will help you rule the three kingdoms. Here S+ tier holds the highest desirability. And the D tier is considered inept.

Tier Finlords Class
S+ Huang Yueying Archer
S+ Gonsung Zan Archer
S+ Zhuge Liang Mage
S Sun Ce Tank
S Hua Tuo Support
S Sun Jian Tank
S- Zhou Yu Mage
S- Lu Bu Warrior
A+ Jia Xu Thief
A+ Xiahou Yuan Archer
A+ Dong Zhuo Tank
A+ Xu Huang Warrior
A+ Taishi Ci Archer
A+ Guan Yu Warrior
A Xun Yu Support
A Meng Huo Warrior
A Wei Yan Thief
A Sima Yi Mage
A Zhang Jiao Mage
A Yuan Shao Support
A Dian Wei Tank
A Zhao Yun Warrior
A Zhen Ji Support
A- Cao Ren Tank
A- Xiahou Dun Tank
A- Cai Wenji Mage
A- Guo Jia Mage
A- Hua Xiong Warrior
A- Xiao Qiao Mage
B+ Guan Yinping Warrior
B+ Huang Gai Tank
B+ Diao Chan Thief
B+ Lu Meng Warrior
B Zhang Fei Tank
B Yu Jin Tank
B Pang Tong Support
B Zhang Xingcai Tank
B Xu Yun Support
B Xu Chu Warrior
B- Lu Xun Thief
B- Guan Ping Thief
B- LuSu Support
B- Gan Ning Archer
C Ma Dai Support
C Pan Feng Support
C Cheng Pu Tank
C Xing Daorong Tank
C Ma Chao Thief
C Lady Zhurong Mage
C Huang Zhong Archer
C Zhou Tai Warrior
C Lu Lingqi Warrior
D Zhang Zhao Support
D Lu Ji Mage
D Wen Chou Tank
D Yan Liang Warrior

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