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Honkai Impact 3 Tier List (November 2022)

Here's the ultimate Honkai Impact character tier list.

Honkai Impact 3 — a hack and slash action title — has attracted the attention of many gaming enthusiasts due to its epic RPG mechanics, realistic 3D graphics, thrilling missions, action-packed gameplay, & intense battles.

But do you know what’s the best feature of this free-to-play game is? This anime-style title introduces you to three playable Valkyries over which you have complete control. It’s up to you to decide which three characters you want to equip and develop a fierce unit with because they’re essential in your win.

But we’ve done the brainwork for you, all you need to do now is read this Honkai Impact 3 tier list till the end.

Honkai Impact 3 Tier List – 2022

As the game takes you on a mission to command three playable Valkyries, each with their own collection of abilities to defeat the enemies, you must choose the best hero. As a result, the following is a list of top-tier characters, each with a history and functional battlesuit.

Rita Rossweisse

Rita is an S-rank Valkyrie you must set your eyes on. She’s an effective spy, a loving maid & very private person. She does not easily open up about her life to anyone. Her Battlesuits includes the following:

  • Argent Knight: Artemis
  • Fallen Rosemary
  • Stalker: Phantom Iron

Kiana Kaslana – K 423

K-423 is the first role you play as in Honkai Impact 3, and she is a duplicate that contains Kiana Kaslana’s DNA. Her Battlesuits includes the following:

  • Divine Prayer
  • Herrscher of the Void
  • Knight Moonbeam
  • Valkyrie Ranger
  • Void Drifter
  • White Comet




She is a mature yet naive character who goes by the first name Bianka. She’s devoted her entire life to Valkyrie. Her Battlesuits includes the following:

  • Bright Knight: Excelsis
  • Dea Anchora
  • Valkyrie Gloria


Bronya Zaychik

She is a Russian orphan who was separated from her family during the Second Hankai War. She is a professional assassin who has invaded St. Freya High School in the hopes of rescuing her long-lost mate. Her Battlesuits includes the following:

  • Black Nucleus
  • Dimension Breaker
  • Drive Kometa
  • Herrscher of Reason
  • Snowy Sniper
  • Valkyrie Chariot
  • Wolf’s Dawn
  • Yamabuki Armor


Fu Hua

It’s hard to believe she’s 50,000 years old because she looks like a teen, but that’s the truth. She was once immortal, but she lost her power and is now just like any other human. Her Battlesuits includes the following:

  • Azure Empyrea
  • Hawk of the Fog
  • Herrscher of Sentience
  • Night Squire
  • Phoenix
  • Shadow Knight
  • Valkyrie AccipiterHONKAI-IMPACT-TIER-LIST

Kallen Kaslana

Kallen Kaslana was descended from the esteemed Kaslana dynasty. In the year 1477, she died at the age of 24. Her Battlesuits includes the following:

  • Ritual Imayoh
  • Sixth Serenade
  • Sündenjäger


Murata Himeto

Murata is a former Captain of the Hyperion who is strict when it comes to work and intends to motivate her fellow crew members. Her Battlesuits includes the following:

  • Arctic Kriegsmesser
  • Battle Storm
  • Blood Rose
  • Scarlet Fusion
  • Valkyrie Triumph
  • Vermillion Knight: Eclipse


Liliya Olenyeva

Liliya was raised in an orphanage alongside Bronya, Seele, and her sister Rozaliya. She has a transformed body as a result of an earlier tragedy. Her Battlesuits includes the following:

  • Blueberry Blitz


Theresa Apocalypse

Theresa was created by Otto by fusing the DNA of a Honkai Beast and Kallen and never ages after 12. Her Battlesuits includes the following:

  • Celestial Hymn
  • Luna Kindred
  • Sakuno Rondo
  • Starlit Astrologos
  • Twilight Paladin
  • Valkyrie Pledge
  • Violet Executer


Yae Sakura

Yae was born and raised in Yae Village, but she began to despise it after a cruel ceremony undertaken by the village ended in the early death of her sister. Her Battlesuits includes the following:

  • Darkbolt Jonin
  • Flame Sakitama
  • Goushinnso Memento
  • Gyakushinn Miko


Raiden Mei

Raiden is the adorable daughter of Massive Electric (ME) Corp’s CEO. Her family has nearly lost everything due to a financial crisis Her Battlesuits includes the following:

  • Crimson Impulse
  • Herrscher of Thunder
  • Lightning Empress
  • Shadow Dash
  • Striker Fulminata
  • Valkyrie BladestrikeHONKAI-IMPACT-TIER-LIST.jpg

Seele Vollerei

Seele has a personality disorder hence she can be friendly one minute and violent the next. She was orphaned at a young age after losing both parents & grew up in foster care with Bronya, Liliya, and Rozaliya. Her Battlesuits includes the following:

  • Swallowtail Phantasm
  • Stygian NymphHONKAI-IMPACT-TIER-LIST.jpg

Rozaliya Olevyeva

Rozaliya is yet another orphanage child who grew up with Bronya, Seele, and her sister, Liliya. She, like her twin, has a body that has been damaged as a result of a past tragedy. Her Battlesuits includes the following:

Fervent Tempo
Molotov Cherry

Image Source: Pocket Tactics

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