Genshin Impact – Zhongli Weapon Tier List, Banner Rerun & More

Here's a rundown of one of the strongest Genshin Impact characters, Zhongli. Know everything, from the Zhongli weapon tier list to the best build.

Effective and strategic use of any character is important to win the game. Hence, I am here to provide you with the Zhongli weapon tier list & best build. In Genshin Impact, Zhongli is the best example of beauty with brains. This is because he is the most attractive and ideal fit for any given situation. I am confident that if you use this 5 star Geo character who is also a Polearm user, you would not be disappointed. Let’s go further into his specifics.

Zhongli Weapon Tier List, Best Build, Etc.ZHONGLI-WEAPON-TIER-LIST.jpg

To begin, I’d like to congratulate you on your good luck in obtaining the best playable champion of all time. However, simply getting the character is insufficient; you must also understand how to maximize his ability. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Just scroll down to the end.

Banner Availability

Are you wondering about the release date for Zhongli’s banner? To break the good news, you can now choose him including Yanfei, Noelle, and Diona. Gentry Of Hermitage is the Zhongli’s banner and is made accessible on April 28th, 2021 itself.ZHONGLI-WEAPON-TIER-LIST.jpg

Gentry Of Hermitage event started on April 28, 2021, 11:00:00 AM GMT+8 and is scheduled to end on May 18, 2021, 05:59:00 PM.

  • (AS) Ends in: 18d 5h 40m 40s
  • (EU) Ends in: 18d 12h 40m 40s
  • (NA) Ends in: 18d 18h 40m 40s

Best Build

Thankfully, Zhongli’s geo shield defends his teammates, and his Planet Befall abilities are deadly enough to make the enemies flee. He has the power to temporarily stop an enemy’s activities. To summarise, Zhongli is an outstanding Support character.

Zhongli Weapon Tier List

Providing you Zhongli weapon tier list would only confuse you as to which weapon to equip. Hence, to make things simpler, I’m just recommending two weapons that are both effective and accurate.

Weapon Best For Effects
Vortex Vanquisher Support Role Sheild Increase By 20%
Attack Increases by 4% for 8 secs (once an enemy is hit).
Usable once every 0.3 secs.
Attack increases by 100% when defended by a shield.
Crescent Pike Main DPS Normal/Charged Attacks deals 20% additional damage for 5 secs.
(Once elemental orb/particle is collected)

Usable Artifact Set

Don’t know which Artifact set fits well with Zhongli? Then quickly refer to the table below.

Artifact Set Best For Effect
Archaic Petra DPS/Support Role When equipped 2 – Geo damage increases by 15%.
When equipped 4 – Teammates get a 35% damage bonus for 10secs. (Only when an elemental shard created using crystallize reaction is obtained by you.)
Gladiator’s Finale Physical Damage Boost When equipped 2 – Increases attack by 18%.
When equipped 4 – Normal attack damage increases by 35%.
( only when the wielder of this set uses claymore, polearm, or sword.)

Active Skills

Zhongli’s active skills include Normal Attack i.e. Rain Of Stone, Elemental Skill i.e Dominus Lapidis & Elemental Burst i.e. Planet Befall. The varieties of each are explained below.

1. A) Rain Of Stone – Performs up to 6 spear strikes in a row.

    B) Rain Of Stone Charged – Consumes some Stamina to lunge ahead, leading stone spears to crash in his way.

    C) Rain Of Stone Plunging – Plunges from mid-air to the ground and deals damage on opponents in the route. Also, deals AoE DMG on impact.

2. A) Dominus Lapidis Press – Commands the earth’s omnipresent force to strengthen into a Stone Stele, sitting 30 seconds and dealing AoE Geo DMG at the formation.

     B) Dominus Lapidis Hold – The nearby Geo energy bursts, resulting in the following:

  • A Stone Stele is created when the maximum quantity isn’t met.
  • A Shield of Jade is created, with the DMG absorptions modified depending on Zhongli’s maximum HP. It has a DMG absorption rate of 150 percent against both Elemental and Physical DMG.
  • AoE Geo DMG is dealt with.
  • In the case of neighbouring targets having Geo elements, the impact drains a big proportion of Geo element from up to two such targets and does not deal any damage.

3. Planet Befall – A meteor hits the Earth, delivers huge Geo DMG to opponents trapped in its AoE, and gives Petrification status to enemies.

Passive Skills

The passive skills of Zhongli are explained in the table below.

Passive Skills Unlocks At When Effect
Resonant Waves Ascension 1 Jade Shield takes damage & it fortifies. Shield Strength is increased by 5% for fortified characters. Also, it stacks up to 5 times and stays till the Shield of Jade vanishes.
Dominance Of Earth Ascension 4 Deals bonus DM based on Max HP. Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack DMG increases by 1.39% of Max HP.
Dominus Lapidis Stone Stele, resonance, and hold DMG increases by 1.9% of Max HP.
Planet Befall deals extra DMG =  33% of Zhongli’s Max HP.
Arcanum Of Crystal Automatic Crafting Ploearm based weapons. Refunds 15% of ores.


Leveling up constellations is important if you’d like to boost your character’s success in a fight. However, in order to level up, you must:

  • Get a duplicate Zhongli while making a wish.
  • Collect Stella Fortuna.
  • Finally, with the help of Stella Fortuna, you level up Zhongli’s constellations.

Here are all of the Zhongli’s constellations, each with a different effect.

Constellations Level Effect
Rock – The Backbone of Earth 1 Increases the maximum quantity of Stone Steles generated by Dominus Lapidis when two occurred at the same time.
Stone – The Cradle Of Jade 2 As Planet Befall falls, a Jade Shield is given to the neighbouring characters on the ground.
Jade – Shimmering Through Darkness 3 Dominus Lapidis level is increased by 3 & the max upgrade level is 15.
Topaz – Unbreakable & Fearless 4 AoE of Planet Befall is increased by 20% while Petrification effect time of the same is increased by 2 secs.
Lazuli – Herald Of The Order 5 Planet Befall level is increased by 7 & the max upgrade level is 15.
Chrysos – Bounty Of Dominator 6 When the Jade Shield suffers damage, approximately 40% of it is transformed to HP for the character in use. A single regeneration instance cannot cross 8% of the maximum HP of the same character.

Price Payable For Zhongli To Ascend

Zhongli has the potential to be an excellent character for you, but you must entirely ascend him in order to do so. Only then his Geo damage will be increased, resulting in the completion of your ultimate goal. Take a glance at the table below to see how much it takes to ascend Zhongli.

Rank Min Level  Cost Materials
Prithiva Topaz
1 20 20000 1 0 3 3
2 40 40000 3 2 10 15
3 50 60000 6 4 20 12
4 60 80000 3 8 30 18
5 70 100000 6 12 45 12
6 80 120000 6 20 60 24

That is all about the Zhongli weapon tier list & best builds. Do you want more help with the Genshin Impact game? Then click here for tips, tricks, guides, and more.