Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) Tier List (May 2022)

Fire Emblem Heroes allows players to summon characters from all the Fire Emblem games. Here's a Tier list ranking all the heroes in FEH.

Players can recruit all their favorite heroes from the Fire Emblem franchise in Fire Emblem heroes. This makes the roster of heroes wide which is why many players are looking for a FEH Tier list. Here’s a Fire Emblem Hereos (FEH) Tier list ranking all the heroes in the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) Tier List – 2022


Our Fire Emblem Heroes tier list has divided all Heroes available in the game into six tiers — S+,S,A,B and C with S being the strongest and C being the weakest. Here are all the heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) ranked tier wise.

S+Tier Heroes In Fire Emblem Hereos

Characters Colors
Brave Hector Red
Brave Dimitri Red
Brave Ephraim Blue
Brave lke Blue
Bridal Micaiah Grey
Valentine’s Rudolf Red
Young Palla Red
Young Merric Blue
Thrasir Blue
Winter Marth Grey
Halloween Tiki (Young) Red
Legendary Chrom Red
Legendary Azura Red
Brave Edelgard Blue
Winter Sothis Blue
Legendary Leif Grey
Legendary Corrin (F) Grey
New Year Alfonse Red
Legendary Dimitri Red
Legendary Edelgard Blue
Valentine’s Alm Blue



S Tier Heroes In Fire Emblem Heroes

Characters Colors
Duo Ephraim Red
Kris (F) Red
Legendary Celica Blue
New Year Peony Blue
Ninja Lyn Grey
Fallen Tiki Grey
Summer Ingrid Red
Brave Lucina Red
Surtr Blue
Freyja Blue
Bramimond Grey
Legendary Alm Grey
Legendary Julia Red
Forsyth Red
Bridal Nailah Blue
Shamir Blue
Pirate Tibarn Grey
Veronica Grey
Mamori Blue
Valentine’s Faye Grey
Fallen Corrin Red
Opehelia Red
Legendary Tiki Red


A Tier Heroes In Fire Hero Emblem (FEH)


Characters Colors
Brave Eliwood Red
Ninja Navarre Red
Winter Bernadetta Blue
Halloween Robin (F) Blue
New Year Plumeria Grey
Eleonora Grey
Winter Ephraim Red
Picnic Lukas Red
Hel Blue
Fallen Robin (M) Blue
Caineghis Grey
Leila Grey
Seiros Red
Duessel Red
Reyson Blue
Summer Selena Blue
Brave Camilla Grey
Summer Mia Grey
Peony Red
Lilith Red
Gatrie Red
Fallen Lyon Blue
Picnic Felicia Blue
Ninja Laevatein Blue
Shinon Grey
Fallen Corrin (F) Grey
Mila Grey
Guinivere Red
Gatrie Red
Peony Red
Dieck Blue
Triandra Blue
Nagi Blue
Sara Grey
Bernadetta Grey
Brave Claude Grey
Flayn Grey
Brave Lyn Grey
Tsubasa Red
Plegian Katarina Red
Reinhardt Red
Rinkah Blue
Yarne Blue
Jill Blue
Pirate Veronica Blue
New Year Lethe Blue
Soiree Reinhardt Blue
Azura (Young) Blue
Performing Azura Blue
Ronan Red
Selena Red
Legendary Lucina Red
Myrrh Blue
Ninja Hana Blue
Young Minerva Blue
Winter Cecilia Grey
Dozla Grey
Winter Sephiran Grey
Masquerade Eldigan Red
Apotheosis Anna Red
Soiree Berkut Red
Deirdre Blue
New Year Keaton Blue
Plegian Tharja Blue
Bridal Fjorm Grey
Julian Grey
Masquerade Ethlyn Grey
Petrine Red
Hardin Red
Summer Laegjarn Red
Winter Fae Blue
Ced Blue
Winter Jaffer Blue
New Year Selkie Grey
Eir Grey
Claude Grey
Melady Red
Dimitri Red
Legendary Ephraim Red
Yune Blue
Gerik Blue
Hilda Blue
Duma Grey
Halloween Jakob Grey
Soiree Nepheneee Grey
Summer Lyn Red
Perceval Red
Naga Red
Masquerade Quan Red
Spring Est Red
Sirius Red
Spring Fir Blue
Masquerade Lachesis Blue
Brave Micaiah Blue
Fae Blue
Kaden Blue
Osian Blue
Nailah Red
Winter Nino Red
Naesala Red
New Year Velouria Red
Jorge Red
Nils Red
Halloween Ilyana Red
Winter Felix Red
Winter Hilda Red
Legendary Hector Blue
Edelgard Blue
Valentine’s Hector Blue
Julia Blue
Annette Blue
Asbel Blue
Flame Emperor Blue


B Tier Heroes In Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH)

Characters Colors
Altena Red
Seteth Red
Valentine’s Lyn Red
Python Blue
Groom Hinata Blue
Sue Blue
Winter Eirika Grey
Halloween Mia Grey
Rolf Grey
Geese Red
Brunnya Red
Kana (M) Red
Valentine’s Greil Blue
Flying Nino Blue
Nino Blue
Leanne Grey
Legendary Robin (F) Grey
Velouria Grey
Ishtar Red
Rinea Red
Ferdinand Red
Robin (F) Blue
Green Tome Olwen Blue
Rhajat Blue
Hoshidan Summer Xander Grey
Norne Grey
Lousie Grey
Fjorm Red
Ilyana Red
Gwendolyn Red
Flegian Kris (M) Blue
Hostile Springs Hinoka Blue
New Year Fjorm Blue
Kronya Grey
Elsie Grey
Larum Grey
Valentine’s Eliwood Red
Kjelle Red
Est Red
Corrin (F) Red
Adrift Corrrin (M) Red
Cordelia Red
Sheena Blue
Ranulf Blue
Amelia Blue
Boey Blue
New Year Azura Blue
Barst Blue
Klein Grey
Gordin Grey
Bow Hinoka Grey
Mirabelle Grey
Summer Dorothea Grey
Loki Grey
Fallen Delthea Red
Spring Narcian Red
Clair Red
Summer Camilla Red
Fallen Berkut Red
Camus Red
Cherche Blue
Spring Veronica Blue
Cecilia Blue
Dorcas Blue
Wolt Blue
Adrift Corrin (F) Blue
Panne Red
Petra Red
Summer Lute Red
Fiora Red
Hoshidan Summer Ryoma Red
Robin (M) Red
Gunnthra Blue
Hoshidan Summer Elincia Blue
Echidna Blue
Summer Laevatein Blue
Ross Blue
Hector Blue
Bridal Ninian Red
Selkie Red
Nowi Red
Micaiah Red
Halloween Niles Red
Rafiel Red
Halloween Kagero Blue
Halloween Henry Blue
Kana (F) Blue
Lewyn Blue
Legion Blue
Summer Sylvain Blue



C Tier Heroes In Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH)

Characters Colors
A’Arachel Red
Lukas Red
Mae Red
Linde Red
Lute Red
Halloween L’Arachel Blue
Minerva Blue
Caellach Blue
Lugh Blue
Michalis Blue
Nina Grey
Silque Grey
Natasha Grey
Niles Grey
Nanna Grey
Florina Red
Hinoka Red
Kliff Red
Cormag Red
Death Knight Red
Arthur Blue
Bridal Sanaki Blue
Valentine’s Mist Blue
Anna Blue
Raven Blue
Valentine’s Roy Grey
Priscilla Grey
Performing Olivia Grey
Hostile Springs Sakura Grey
Hostile Springs Camilla Grey
Ephraim Red
Cynthia Red
Abel Red
Galle Red
Finn Red
Soren Blue
Beruka Blue
Spring Sharena Blue
Bartre Blue
Sonya Blue
Picnic Genny Grey
Halloween Sakura Grey
Lena Grey
Saizo Grey
Thethys Grey
Ylgr Red
Delthea Red
Effie Red
Donnel Red
Sigrun Red
Titania Blue
Spring Camilla Blue
Haar Blue
Camilla Blue
Winter Chorm Blue
Sothe Grey
New Year Laevatein Grey
Summer Rhys Grey
Setsuna Grey
Mercedes Grey
Ursula Red
Valter  Red
Summer Corrin (F) Red
Summer Cordelia Red
Tanith Red
Spring Alfonse Blue
Summer Elsie Blue
Walhart Blue
Halloween Dorcas Blue
Frederick Blue
New Year Takumi Grey
Spring Loki Grey
Spring Bruno Grey
Fallen Takumi Grey
Summer Takumi Grey
Tailtiu Red
Spring Catria Red
Pent Red
Tana Red
Catria Red
Performing Inigo Blue
Hawkeye Blue
Gerome Blue
Summer Ylgr Blue
Helbindi Blue
Bridal Cordelia Grey
Summer Ursula Grey
Emmeryn Grey
Clarine Grey
Clarisse Grey
Shiro Red
Berkut Red
Spring Marisa Red
Sumia Red
Silas Red
Sharena Red
Performing Red
Azura Red
Shigure Red
New Year Laegjarn Red
Valentine’s Lilina Blue
Mustafa Blue
Summer Innes Blue
Darros Blue
Libra Blue
Ethlyn Grey
Merlinus Grey
New Year Corrin (M) Grey
Chad Grey
Tanya Grey
Summer Gunnthra Grey
Gaius Grey
Faye Grey
Felicia Grey
Forrest Grey
Heath Red
Mordecai Red
Shanna Red
Hostile Springs Ryoma Red
Saias Red
Peri Red
Travant Red
Roderick Red
Winter Robin Red
Quan Red
Groom Marth Blue
Winter Lissa Blue
Linus Blue
Legendary Lyn Blue
Valentine’s Slique Grey
Kagero Grey
Jaffar Grey
Eremiya Grey
Spring Kagero Grey
Ninian Red
Valentine’s Soren Red
Oscar Red
Olwen Red
Oboro Red
Summer Linde Grey
Legault Grey
Gangrel Grey
Kaze Grey
Morgan (F) Red
Thea Red
Conrad Red
Nephenee Red
Valbar Red
Mikoto Grey
Summer Noise Grey
Sakura Grey
Rebecca Grey
Mist Grey
Spring Chorm Blue
Picnic Leo Blue
Merric Blue
Narcian Blue
Summer Tiki (Adult) Blue
Clive Red
Jagen Red
Mathilda Red
Spring Lucina Red
Spring Xander Red
Gunter Blue
Summer Xander Blue
Wrys Grey
Takumi Grey
Serra Grey
Azama Grey
Virion Grey
Innes Grey
Summer Gaius Grey
Brady Grey
Summer Frederick Grey
Genny Grey
Summer Robin (F) Red
Subaki Red
Bridal Charlotte Red
Sully Red
Bridal Caeda Red
Leon Grey
Jeorge Grey
Jakob Grey
Jamke Grey
Lachesis Grey
Odin Red
Oliver Red
Matthew Grey
Bridal Lyn Grey
Lissa Grey
Lucius Grey
Maria Grey


This was complete tier list ranking all the heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes and also stating the color the heroes belong to.

That’s all for this one, do check out our Girls X Battle 2 Tier list to get the best battle girls.


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