Hunters Tier List In Evolve Stage 2 (2023)

Want to know which Hunters are the best in Evolve 2? Check out the tier list below.

Evolve Stage 2 is a Multiplayer shooter game where the players have to go up against the Monsters and defeat them in order to win. It has a 4v1 gameplay format. The players can choose between Hunters and Monsters from a wide range of both characters.

This guide contains a list of Hunters that are divided into tiers according to the strengths and usage of each character. You can refer to this tier list as it will help you choose the best Hunter in the fight against Monsters and emerge victorious in the game.

Evolve Stage 2 Hunters Tier List

Hunters Tier List in Evolve Stage 2

This tier list is subject to vary from each player, so take this list as a reference to play different Hunters in Evolve Stage 2. Before getting into the tier list, you must know that there are 4 classes of Hunters in the game.

  • Medic
  • Support
  • Assault
  • Trapper

Below you will see the tier list of Hunters in Evolve Stage 2. The Hunters are divided into 4 tiers where the S tier is the top spot and the C tier is the lowest tier.

Tiers  Hunters
S Paladin Parnell, Val, Abe, Slim, Quantum Caira, Wasteland Maggie, Tech Sgt Hank
A Cabot, Renegade Abe, Blitz Markov, Jack, Lazarus, Hyde, Rogue Val
B Maggie, Lennox, Hank, Emet, Griffin, Sunny, Kala, Markov, Parnell
C Battle Cabot, Bucket, Caira, Torvald, Crow, Electro Griffin


However, you can play and experiment with different Hunters to get a hold of each one. Also, you can analyze your gameplay with each Hunter in order to pick the best one from any class. Thoughtfully pick the character and coordinate with your teammates to defeat the Monster and win the game.

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