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Epic Treasure: Best Heroes Tier List (2023)

Want to know about the best heroes in Epic Treasure? Check out this guide.

Epic Treasure is an action role-playing game where you have to tackle enemies in turn-based gameplay. In such formats, you have to build a powerful team that can overpower the opponents to claim victory. You have to collect heroes in the game and add them to your party. In this guide, we have created the best heroes in Epic Treasure tier list for your reference. By going through this list, you will get a better judgment about the heroes in your team.

Best Heroes in Epic Treasure Tier List – 2023

Epic Treasure Best Heroes Tier list
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Here, you will find the best heroes tier list in Epic Treasure. The tier list is divided into 4 tiers ranging from the S tier up to the C tier. This list is created in ascending order where the heroes placed in the S tier are the most powerful ones and the heroes included in the C tier are less useful. Glance through this list to make an effective team and climb the levels.

Tier Heroes
S KataKuri
S Blackbear
S Usopp NW
S Dofalamingo
S Aokiji
S Carina
S Rayleigh
S Shanks
S Luffy NW
S Robin NW
A Nami NW
A Law NW
A Sanji Vinsmoke
A Mihawk
A Sabo
A Carrot
A Chopper NW
A Luffy BM
A Kuma
A Magelan
B Akainu
B Zoro NW
B Enel
B Moria
B Brook NW
B Sanji NW
B Law
B Sengoku
B Kizaru
B Crocodile
C Hancock
C Marco
C Ace
C Fujitora
C Jinbe
C Franky NW

By reading through this guide, you will not only get a better judgment of the heroes but also you will learn to channel your resources to the right heroes and upgrade them further. This is all you need to know about the Epic Treasure best heroes tier list.

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