Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy Tier List (2023)

Players can only pick from a limited number of characters in Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy

Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy is the latest title by Konami. It is an RPG based on the anime series by the same name. There are only a limited number of characters that players can choose within the game. However, even with limited choice, it can sometimes be difficult for players to pick characters for their team of three. We do not need to tell players how crucial picking the right team can be in the game. This is why we have put together an Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy Tier List, that will make the decision a bit easier for the players.

Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy Tier List (April 2023)



The absolute best Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy has to offer. This is the VIP squad and players must get these characters asap.

Shiki Granbell


A reliable fighter unit, Shiki Granbell is also the main protagonist of the game. With high damage and consecutive combos, this character can prove to be a nightmare to beat. In addition, this character can also manipulate gravity thanks to his ether gear Satan Gravity. This is a great character to have for close-range combat as his hand-to-hand fighting ability is unparalleled in the game.

Rebecca Bluegarden


Rebecca Bluegarden is quite different from Shiki Granbell yet equally formidable. Unlike Shiki, Rebecca’s strength lies in long-range combat. Armed with her guns that have a high rate of fire, this character can do a lot of damage to the opponents. In addition, she has the ether gear Cat Leaper that can enhance her speed, jumping, and agility.

Homura Kogetsu


This Samurai girl packs quite a punch with her ether gear soul blade that allows her to use all types of blades. She is quite powerful in close combat and has excellent speed and damage. This easily makes her on e of the most powerful character on this Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy Tier List.


A legit category of players, they do have some shortcoming but can still absolutely decimate in the game.

Weisz Steiner

While not as strong in combat as our S-Tier picks, Weisz can still prove quite useful to players looking to get ahead in the game. Combine this character with some good fighters and make use of his ether gear Machina Maker that allows him to change and remodel every type of machines.

Sister Ivry

A strong healer support unit, Sister Ivry can heal living things as well as machines. This is a great support character that can be quite useful to players when paired with strong fighter characters.


This is more of the support group of characters. These cannot be the star of the team.

Hermit Mio

This character will lend a helping hand for players looking for programming skills and to hack into systems. With levelled up stats, Hermit Mio can even be a reasonably decent fighter.

Witch Regret

A character with high defense abilities, Witch Regret can use her shield ether ability to create a shield to protect the team.


Much like Tier B, these are the support characters. players cannot win a game on these characters alone.


A fully support unit, Happy works best with his friend Rebecca. These two can fight opponents together as Happy can use Happy Blasters and change himself into two guns that can be used by Rebecca.

EM Pino

This is a useful support character that can use its Electromagnetic Pulse ability to shut down mechanical objects. In addition, this ability can also shut down the opponent’s ether gear. This obviously can mean the vital difference between win or loss in many cases.

This is the Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy Tier List for default versions of these characters. For more such content, check out Games Adda’s Tier list section.