Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia – DFFOO Tier List (2023)

Here is the DFFOO tier list, which you can highly rely on to add a powerful hero into your party.

Final Fantasy, the most popular free-to-play RPG, has a new installment in the series, Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia aka DFFOO. This strategy turn-based game features the most interesting storylines as well as iconic heroes and villains from throughout the whole franchise. The all-new adventure presents epic battles and unique stories for each hero in the game.

The only way to defeat the villains and advance in the game is to assemble a highly efficient team. You can refer to the carefully prepared DFFOO tier list below and save yourself trouble considering the huge hero lineup.

DFFOO Tier List – 2023

Since the game is entirely story-based, you must keep finishing different chapters to unlock the characters. Each hero has different abilities equipment, and playstyle. Therefore, have to determine which two form the best team, win fights against enemies, and earns you amazing rewards. The DFFOO tier list, which ranks heroes in six different levels, will make your decision-making process simpler.

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Heroes are assigned tiers depending on their performance. There are seven tiers: SS, S, A, B, C, D, and F. Tier SS & S heroes are the best in the game, followed by Tier A and Tier B. Tier C heroes are mediocre. They must be included if you are a seasoned player who knows how to use their skills. Tier D & Tier F heroes should not be added to your group.

Tier SS

Character Role
Cloud Overall Good DPS
Laguna Flexible+Debuffer
Serah Brave Battery+Buffer
Squall BRV Attacker
Terra HP Attacker
Vaan HP Attacker
Yuna Brave Battery

Tier S

Character Role
Edgar Debuffer [Apparently]
Hope Brave Battery
Krile Brave Battery
Lilisette Brave Battery+Debuffer+Buffer
Prishe Flexible Attacker (Physical+Magical)
Ramza Buffer
Snow Tank
Warrior of Light Tank
Zidane SPD Warmonger

Tier A

Character Role
Ace Self-Buffing DPS
Alisaie Multi-Element DPS
Bartz BRV Attacker
Cecil Good AoE BRV Attacker
Firion Vampiric Damage Dealer
Lightning Self-Buffing DPS
Onion Knight Flexible DPS (Physical+Magical)
Rem Healing/Support
Shantotto Debuffer
Thancred Poison Specialist
Tidus SPD Warmonger
Vivi Good Magical DPS

Tier B

Character Role
Cater BRV attacker
Cid Self-Buffing+Healing
Eiko Healer+BRV Battery
Jecht General Good DPS
Kefka Debuffer
King Ranged DPS
Kuja AoE DPS
Layle Knock Back Specialist
Lenna Buffer+Healer
Maria Healer
Rydia Magical DPS
Seifer BRV Attacker
Sephiroth BRV Attacker
Y’Shtola Magic BRV Attacker
Yang AoE HP Attacker
Yuri General Good Dps
Zack BRV Scrapping Tank

Tier C

Character Role
Ashe Debuffer
Edge Tank
Faris Debuffer
Kain Generally Good DPS
Papalymo Magical DPS
Quistis Debuffer
Raijin Thunder DPS
Setzer Debuffer
Seymour Debuffer
Tifa BRV Attacker
Vincent BRV Attacker
Wakka Random Self-Buffer

Tier D

Character Role
Aerith Healer+Brave Battery
Galuf Tank
Garnet Magical DPS
Irvine Ranged DPS
Penelo Buffer
Sabin Generally Good DPS
Shadow SPD Warmonger
Yuffie Brave Battery
Zell AoE Attacker

Tier F

Character Role
Auron Brave Attacker
Balthier Buff Stealer DPS
Celes Magic DPS Nullifier
Cyan Tank
Fuujin Wind DPS
Lion BRV Attacker
Palom Long-Term Battle Specialist
Steiner Anti Human DPS.
Vanille Debuffer
Yda Poison DPS
Sazh Ranged DPS

With the above DFFOO tier list, you now know the best heroes and their role in Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia. Build a team around the role you desire and start the war against enemies.