Cross Summoner: R Tier List – Best Characters Ranked (2023)

Which characters to pick for a smooth sailing in Cross Summoner: R?

Cross Summoner: R gacha RPG where players collect characters and battle them out in combat. moreover, players can also learn more about their characters as they improve them. While it can be fun to play the game with a variety of characters, there are some that give higher performance than the others. This is why we have put together this Cross Summoner: R tier list ranking the best characters in the game.

Cross Summoner: R Tier List


Though the best characters largely depend on a player’s preference and skills, there are a few characters that are better to get ahead in the game. These characters are easier to handle and offer more power than others. We have ranked the characters in this Cross Summoner: R Tier List based on such parameters.

All characters are ranked from S to C tier. While S Tier characters are the best in the game, C Tier characters require a lot of work to win after a certain level.

S Tier

These are the OP characters in the game. They can get the win count going for players easily.

  • Asuka
  • Alwin
  • Bormea
  • Sassafras

A Tier

A little lower on the totem pole than the S Tier characters but still absolute powerhouses in the game.

  • Arik
  • Brazos
  • Irina
  • Luschut
  • Mira
  • Rorche
  • Rabad
  • Reid
  • Rill
  • Saizou
  • Scherzo
  • Sharifah

B Tier

Average characters that can perform well with a bit of experience and skill.

  • Jack
  • Johann
  • Karen
  • Lamia
  • Luna
  • Matoi
  • Rasheed
  • Ruzha
  • Verginita
  • Victor
  • Yuugiri

C Tier

Players will struggle to do well with these characters after the early game. We recommend getting be characters from a higher tier as the game advances.

  • Eris
  • Fortis
  • Leicester
  • Lyrica
  • Momohime

This is the complete Cross Summoner: R Tier List. We hope it was helpful for players to choose their characters in the game. For more such tier lists, check out our Rush Royale Tier List: Best Cards And Decks.