Cookie Run Kingdom: Best Treasures Tier List (2023)

Want to know about the best treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom? Here's our Tier list.

Cooking Run Kingdom offers a vast area for the players to explore and hence keeping them engaged in the gameplay. There are lots of upgradable items that can make your cookies stronger. In this guide, we have explained the best treasures tier list in Cookie Run Kingdom. If you’re searching to know which treasure to equip your cookie with, you’ve landed in the right place.

Treasures are an essential part of the game as they enhance the overall stats of the cookies and give them an edge in battle. Hence, you must pick the right treasures for your cookies to ace in combat. Read along with this guide to learn more about the same.

Tier List of Best Treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom – 2023

Best Treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Image Credits: Chateaw on YouTube

Here, we have mentioned the best treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom tier list. The tier list consists of 5 tiers starting from the SS tier and ranging up to the C tier. As this list is set in ascending order, the treasures included in the SS tier are the top-tier treasures. Whereas the ones placed in the C tier are the decent ones. Glance through the list below and aim for the best ones catering to your gameplay.

Tier  Treasures
SS Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather, The Order’s Sacred Fork, Grim-Looking Scythe
S Bookseller’s Monocle, Insignia of the Indomitable Knights, Divine Honey Cream Crown, Sacred Pomegranate Branch
A Seamstress’s Pin Cushion, Librarian’s Enchanted Robed, Squishy Jelly, Gatekeeper Ghost’s Horn, Blind Healer’s Staff
B Pilgrim’s Slingshot, Echo of the Hurricane’s Song, Miraculous Natural Remedy, Bear Jelly’s Lollipop, Elder Pilgrim’s Torch
C Durianeer’s Squeaky Flamingo Tube, Priestess Cookie’s Paper Charm, Miraculous Ghost Ice Cream, Jelly Worm’s Sticky Goo

This is all you need to know about the best treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom tier list. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to browse through other similar articles such as Best Sparkling Cookie Toppings Build Guide in Cookie Run Kingdom and Best Twizzly Gummy Cookie Toppings To Use.