Brave Nine Tier List: Mercenaries Ranked (January 2023)

The complete tier list rankings for all mercenaries in Brave Nine.

I have compiled an entire Brave Nine Tier List ranking all the Mercenaries in the game. There are more than 300 Mercenaries to sift through. So, this Tier List will make it easier for you to find and look for your favorite characters. However, do remember that this entire list is based on my opinion.

So, you might disagree with some aspects of the list given below. I have managed to keep the rankings as close as possible to what the community rankings are. Now, without further ado, let’s find out the rankings of all the Mercenaries.

Brave Nine Tier List

Brave Nine Tier List: Ranking All Mercenaries

  • If you want to look for any mercenary, simply click Ctrl+F on your desktop. For mobile phones, click on the three dots on the top right of your phone browser.
  • After this, enter the name of the mercenary you want and look for them in the tier list given below.
  • Use the arrows on the pop-up box that comes. This will automatically move the screen over to the mercenary you are looking for.
  • This will show you the Brave Nine Tier List Rankings.
  • For this list, I will divide the list into the rankings based on the Stars rating system.

5-Star Mercenaries

Mercenary Tier Ranking Class Skill
Seir S Defender
Devil’s Revenge
Edin S Warrior
Unholy Power
Foxy S Warrior
Combat Manual
Venaka S Support
Vigorous Dance
Valze S Warrior
Blade of Betrayal
Asmode S Support
Touch of Desire
Seto S Warrior
Dominant Force
Granhildr S Defender
Godship’s Shield
Refithea S Support Help, Glutti!
Christina S Warrior
Tricolor Bomb
Levia S Magician
Forbidden Power
Beliath S Support
Skeleton Contract
Lucius S Defender Fallen Angel
Aaron A Defender
Light of Reflection
Velfern A Magician
Pandora’s Box
Lillian A Magician
Endless Revenge
Nartas A Magician
Release Disaster
Jin A Warrior Gale Sword
Angelica A Warrior
Divine Darkness
Siegmund A Warrior Paladin’s Will
Veronia A Support Saving Light
Deomaron A Defender
Cursed Shield
Arkan A Defender
Celestial Blessing
Alec A Warrior
Ultimate Power
Elija B Warrior
Beast Taming
Gunther B Warrior
Descending Fire Dragon
Kaina B Warrior Sacred Fury
Helena B Support
Let’s Sing Together!
Themis B Support
Light of Protection
Anubis B Magician
Forewarning of Doom
Hijin B Magician Soul of Fire
Sabrina C Support
Member Encouragement
Dalvi C Warrior
Millennial Wait
Michaela C Support
Maddening Faith
Cecilia C Defender Abyss Shield
Zenith C Defender
Hunter Instinct
Gloria C Defender
Scales of Judgement
Dwen C Warrior Leadership
Glacia C Defender
Glacial Shield
Mary C Support Hero’s Song
Floria D Support
Mother Nature
Claudia D Magician
Marionette’s Rondo
Valtor D Magician
Mother Nature’s Power
Kaoli D Defender
Champion Shield
Barbara D Warrior
Javelin Throw
Astrid D Defender
Guardian’s Creed
Vermont D Defender Chivalry
Bathory D Magician All Mine!
Ymir F Defender
Titan’s Sword
Kaina F Warrior Sacred Fury
Garinoth F Magician
Soul Collapse
Ventana F Warrior Draw Sword
Rogan F Warrior Annihilation
Rafina F Defender
Mechanical Dive
Elise F Magician
Death Ending Love

Brave Nine Tier List 4- Star Mercenaries

Mercenary Tier Class Skill
Hell S Magician
Prayer for Destruction
Leto S Warrior
Shadow Blade
Zarka S Magician Bloodthirst
Ceres S Support Eye of Mana
Iris S Defender
Irresistible Charm
Xenon S Warrior Bloodfest
Corette S Warrior
Witness Elimination
Niya S Warrior Cat Punch
Joseph S Defender
Pagan Declaration
John A Support Light Barrier
Leah A Magician
Destructive Lightning
Krull A Warrior Punishment
Eunrang A Warrior
Rear Ambush
Alche A Warrior
Destructive Hammer
Viola B Warrior
Shadow Arrow
Esther B Magician
Conjuration of Affliction
Jacklin B Defender
Escort Stance
Bruno B Magician
Neo Armstrong Jet Cannon
Dr. Morgan C Warrior Time Bomb
Orienne C Warrior
Lethal Wounds
Brisa D Warrior
Three Musketeers’ Wisdom
Mora D Defender
Anger of Tenacity
Rene D Defender
Purifying Spear
Maya D Warrior Mark of Prey
Varion F Warrior I’ll Copy You!
Camilla F Warrior
Three Musketeers’ Fury
Magnus F Magician
Magical Predation

3-Star Mercenaries

Mercenary Tier Class Skill
Beatrice S Warrior I’ll Beat You!
Claris S Support
Prayer of Protection
Cordelia S Warrior
Red Flame Sword
Velona S Magician
Flame Explosion
Maria S Magician
Destructive Magic
Carlson S Defender Firm Will
Cordelia A Warrior
Red Flame Sword
Hyeon Wol A Support
Light of Reinforcement
Marron A Warrior
Piercing Shriek
Marlene A Magician Magic Orb
Cynthia A Magician Blizzard
Ron A Warrior
Mocking Bash
Arines B Support Bear Up!
Julie B Support Spiritual Recovery
Bran B Warrior Musket Fire
Mercedes B Defender Mirror Shield
Wiggle C Warrior
Fire in the Hole!
Noel C Magician Fireball
Kozak C Warrior
Bone Crusher
Melody D Magician
Flash Explosion
Asera D Support
Wound Explosion
Lydia F Warrior
Drilled Thrust
Rigenette F Warrior
Critical Arrow
Sloan F Defender Toxic Spurt

Brave Nine Reroll Guide

If you want to perform a reroll to get better characters, you will have to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the in-game settings and look for the Delete Account option.
  • Shut the game and restart it.
  • Now, restart with another account and you will get a chance to roll for new Mercenaries.
  • There is a 3-minute cooldown too, so keep that in mind.

This is everything you need to know about the Brave Nine Tier List And Reroll Guide. While you are here, you can have a look at our Tier List category too!

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