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Battle Night Cyberpunk: Best Heroes Tier List (2023)

Want to know about the best heroes in Battle night cyberpunk? Check out this tier list.

Battle Night Cyberpunk is an action role-playing game where you have to fight with powerful bosses in a turn-based format. You have to collect several heroes to make a team and tackle the enemies. This is where it gets tricky because you have to filter your options to get the most appropriate ones to win the game. Thus, we have created the Battle Night Cyberpunk best heroes tier list for your reference.

In this guide, we have ranked the best characters you can play within the game. Glance through this guide and take pointers to build a winning team.

Tier List of Best Heroes in Battle Night Cyberpunk – 2023

Battle Night Cyberpunk Best Heroes Tier List
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Here, you will find the best heroes in Battle Night Cyberpunk tier list. Through this list, you will be able to add the most effective heroes to your team. This list is divided into 6 tiers ranging from the S tier up to the E tier. As this list is set in ascending order, the heroes included in the S tier are the most powerful and effective heroes in the game. While the heroes placed in the E tier are less effective and don’t have much use. Check out the best heroes ranked below.

Tier  Heroes
S Shreateh
S Sone
S Nymeria
S Samuel
S Raphael
S Vidar
A Arngreene
A Rhaegal
A Nintu
A Misteltien
A Sayung
A Sage
A Gilbert
A Westerly
A Beckinsale
A Wassily
A Mikaela
B Kapoor
B Iggy
B Beamon
B Poll
B Christina
B Lavinia
B Phonoi
B Megalith
B Grinboth
B Patroclus
B Charlotte
B Legolas
B Garuda
C Dreyfus
C A-zhao
C Skadi
C Sobel
C Kratos
C Fino
C Harpe
C Gasol
C Minamoto
C Tiger
C Attis
C Caledon
C Heloise
C Camilla
C Caroline
D Caitlyn
D Arae
D Cassini
D Elva
D Naomi
D Lyse
D Alisha
D Daria
D Thane
D Rowen
D Leah
D Arteta
D Archer
D Dawn
D Eunice
E Evelynn
E Hanna
E Billy
E Tucci
E Mayne
E Khun
E Finely

By referring to this tier list, you will not only learn about the best heroes in Battle Night Cyberpunk but also will be able to invest in the right heroes. This will help you in saving resources and spending them wisely. This is all you need to know about the ranked characters in the game.

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