Argent Twilight Tier List And Reroll Guide (2023)

Here's the Argent Twilight Tier List of the best players in the game.

Argent Twilight is a strategic battle RPG where players can rank up and take on enemy teams. While there are a lot of characters in the game, there are some that will help players get an easier win than others. Players need to know that some characters in Argent Twilight will perform better regardless of the game mode. This is why we have put together this Argent Twilight Tier List that ranks the best characters in the game.

In addition, we have also put together a reroll guide for players if they do not get the characters they want in the game. Players can use it to create a strong team for themselves.

Argent Twilight Tier List


Characters in Ardent Twilight have one strong element. This can either be Fire, Water, Wind, Light, or Dark. Below are the best characters for battle according to us.

S Tier

  • Brave Djur
  • Callous Djur
  • Honest Djur
  • Hardy Djur
  • Snobby Djur
  • Reckless Alcy
  • Callous Alcy

A Tier

  • Lax Alcy
  • Serious Alcy
  • Cryptic Alch
  • Brave Aseha (Transform)
  • Pure Aseha (Transform)
  • Sweet Aseha (Transform)

B Tier

  • Jolly Celestial (Transform)
  • Smart Celestial (Transform)
  • Impish Celestial (Transform)
  • Zealous Cleo
  • Lonely Cleo
  • Impish Cleo

C Tier

  • Brave Einid
  • Touchy Einid
  • Lax Einid
  • Hostile Jacques
  • Aloof Jacques
  • Zealous Para
  • Wise Para
  • Curious Para
  • Bold Shulo
  • Callous Shulo
  • Honest Shulo
  • Pompous Woonye
  • Wise Woonye
  • Lax Woonye

These rankings are based on early impressions of the game. As we spend more time playing the game, the rankings are bound to change and improve. In the meanwhile, players should check out all the characters for themselves before they make a decision.

Argent Twilight Reroll Guide

In case players do not get the characters that they wanted, they can try again. This would mean wiping away all the progress players have made in the game so far. So, players should do it early in the game. In order to reset their game, players can follow the steps below.

  • Players need to go to the menu option in the top-right corner.
  • Here, they should select the Settings option.
  • Now, the must click on Account.
  • There will be an option to reset account. Players should press that and click Ok.
  • Now, players must type Resetting and confirm their account Reset.
  • Players now have another chance to get the character of their choice.

This is the Argent Twilight Tier List & Reroll guide. We hope it was helpful for you. For more Tier Lists, check out the King God Castle Tier List: Best Units In The Game.