Arcana Tactics Tier List (November 2022) – Choose The Best Heroes For The Fight

Here's the Arcana Tactics tier list to help you decide the frontline heroes.

With a large number of heroes to pair and update, as well as a short break in between battles, quickly assembling the powerful army in Arcana Tactics is essential. As a result, you must be searching for the most reliable Arcana Tactics tier list. Fortunately, you don’t have to look any further because I’ve placed one below.

Arcana Tactics Tier List – 2022

To knock down the huge forces of enemies in the auto-battler strategy Arcana Tactics, smartly combining characters is necessary. Besides this, as the game progresses, the situation changes and the fights get more challenging. Hence, it is important to put together a team capable of dealing with any number of enemies. Without further ado, let’s begin with the Arcana tactics tier list.

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Here’s the full list of major cards, 5 star, and 4-star tiers, split into 5 tiers. The list begins with Tier S, which is the most powerful and ends with Tier D, which is the least powerful. Make sure the goals are set on tier S, followed by A and B. Tier D heroes must be used only in extreme situations, while Tier D heroes should be ignored.

Major Cards – Arcana Tactics Tier List

Tier S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier D
The World Death Justice The Hanged Man Wheel of Fortune
Judgment The Hermit Temperance The Chariot The Magician
The Star The Fool The Moon The Emperor The High Priestess
The Tower Strength The Sun The Empress
The Hierophant The Lovers
The Devil

5 Star Unit – Arcana Tactics Tier List

Tier S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier D
Warlord Durandai Dark Lord Dream Painter Black Valkyrie
Soul Bow Ifrit Juggernaut Messenger of Hell God Hand
Vampire Dragon Dark Wanderer Puppet
Trainer Knight Fist Wind Spirit
Bounty Hunter Falcon
Moonlight Knife Ascetic
Angel Elaine

4 Star Unit Arcana Tactics Tier List

Tier S Skills
Wizard Single Target DPS
Lunatic Single Target DPS
High Assassin Single Target DPS
Blade Singer Single Target DPS
Savage Single Target DPS
Exorcist Utility
Generic Utility
Ruler Utility
Operator Utility
Shade AoE DPS
Fortress Tank for Magic DMG
Death Knight Tank for Magic DMG
Royal Guard Tank for Physical DMG
Windcure Healer
Bishop Healer
Tier A Skills
Champion Single Target DPS
Shadow Dancer Single Target DPS
Osiris Single Target DPS
Raven Single Target DPS
Swashbuckler AoE DPS
Lightning Lord AoE DPS
Salamander AoE DPS
Ancient Bow AoE DPS
Archmage AoE DPS
Sylph Utility
Mystic Utility
Oracle Utility & Tank for Magic DMG
Vanguard Tank for Physical DMG
Eldritch Utility & AoE DPS
Destroyer Healing
Dark Priest Healing & Utility
Tier B Skills
Arcane Archer NA
Corsair NA
Dragon Slayer NA
Warshaper NA
Valkyrie NA
Templar NA
Tier C Skills
Wind Walker NA
Trickster NA
Soul Eater NA
Undine NA

This puts the Arcana Tactics tier list to an end. We’ve also covered tier lists for other games. To get to them, click here.