All Star Tower Defense 5 Star Tier List (November 2022)

The All Star Tower Defense Character Tier List for 2022 is available below, with heroes rated based on their type & effectiveness.

With too many interesting anime-like characters to pick from, it must be challenging to put together a strong team. To make your selection process simpler, I’ve compiled the ultimate All-Star Tower Defense character tier list, on which you can surely rely to maximize your chances of winning.

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All-Star Tower Defense 5 Star Tier List – 2022

Which character you equip influences your progress in the game, and getting your hands on the best ones necessitates summoning them a number of times. There are four stages of unlocking your anime characters in the game.

  • Stage 1: At the beginning of the game only 3 characters are allowed to add to your line-up.
  • Stage 2: When you hit level 15 you are allowed to add the 4th character in the slot.
  • Stage 3: At level 30 you can add one more i.e. 5th character in your roster.
  • Stage 4: Finally, at level 50 you are allowed to bring the last & 6th character to your team.

As the character limit is 6 you have to carefully create a powerful roster to help you keep your ground in the game.

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The Tower Defense characters in the below tier list are ranked from S+ being the most effective to D being the least effective. Characters are also assigned stars depending on their utility 6 being the best to 4 being the average.

S+ Tier Characters In All Star Tower Defense

  • Golden Supreme-Leader
  • Koku Black Pink
  • Troy Honda
  • Zorro
  • Black Stache (Timeskip)
  • Mikato (Beast Cloak)
  • Zukia (B)
  • Kura
  • Mysterious X
  • Onwin
  • Bellma (Money Corp)
  • The Path

S-Tier Characters In All Star Tower Defense

  • Kovegu
  • Gen (Grown)
  • Whitestache (Final)
  • “God” Captain
  • Jokato Koju
  • Kosuke (Eternal)
  • Patternine
  • Super Boo
  • ZIO
  • Zyaya
  • Mina
  • Nezichi
  • Blinding Lights

A-Tier Characters In All Star Tower Defense

  • Tatsu (Half)
  • Legendary
  • Lucky Green
  • MrFlimFlam
  • Spade
  • Club Beast
  • Airren
  • All Powerful
  • Blackstache
  • Crazwind
  • Flaming Tiger
  • Genie
  • Plant Man
  • Red Eye Warrior
  • Ruffy (4th Form)
  • Tony Stark
  • Togi

B-Tier Characters In All Star Tower Defense

  • Hirito
  • Humble Swordman
  • Lami (Wuno)
  • Ming
  • Renitsu
  • Stampede (100%)
  • Vegu (Mind)
  • Veku (Infinite Power)
  • Whitestache
  • Zaruto (Beast Cloak)
  • Zukia
  • Shirtless Magician

C-Tier Characters In All Star Tower Defense

  • Ultra Koku
  • Ikki (BW)
  • Supreme-Leader (Final Form)
  • Wish
  • Masked Captain
  • Ginbei
  • Hammer Giant
  • Killer (Lightspeed)
  • Pang
  • Xerxes

D-Tier Characters In All Star Tower Defense

  • Koku Black
  • Falcon
  • Mikato
  • Yoshaga Kiryu
  • Zazashi (Ultimate)

I hope this All-Star Tower Defense 5 Star tier list helps you make the right call. As previously said, the character lineup can only be equipped with 6 characters. Therefore, make sure you carefully optimize it to win & succeed. For more tier list click here.