Ace Defender Characters Tier List (2023)

If you’re wondering that where you can find an accurate and perfect tier list? The wait is over; Here is the best Ace Defender tier list.

Ace Defender: Dragon War is a Mobile RPG game, which is Developed by ACE GAME INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. In this game, the player has to place the characters strategically according to his game-play. But in order to win the game, the players should have proper knowledge about their characters. If the player doesn’t know the abilities and the tier of the characters in the game, so it’ll only lead to loss. The tier list of the characters matters the most because, with the help of this, the player can place the characters strategically according to their powers and abilities.


Types of Tier Groups

we have accurately categorized the characters into 5 different tier groups.

  • Tier S+: The characters who fall into this category are very powerful and also very difficult to defeat.
  • Tier S: This category’s characters are also powerful but they’re just slightly less powerful than the S+ tier heroes.
  • Tier A: The heroes of this category have a good amount of strength and they can perform really well.
  • Tier B: This category of heroes have an okay amount of strength and there are possibilities that they can loose.
  • Tier C: The heroes of this category hold a very less amount of strength and has a really less amount of impact on the enemies.

Now you know which category stands for what.

Ace Defender Tier list (April 2023)

  • S+
    • Nordil
    • Isoria
  • S

    • Karmel
    • Sabnack
    • Margeria
    • Titansum
    • Lavigne
    • Fengling
    • Neptyr
    • Serenir
    • Angelia
    • Nora
    • Alipida
    • Theodorette
  • A

    • Alia
    • Dunkus
    • Bathorian
    • Regel
    • Valdis
    • Enid
    • Garrod
    • Zhanyan
    • Valkyrie
    • Zoltan
    • Panka
    • Valdir
  • B

    • Rex
    • Solzana
    • Lipez
    • Selia
    • Kahnye
    • Kus
    • Hovede
    • Tia
    • Reshis
    • Gilg
    • Thaurissan
    • Arthur
    • Northlid
    • Irasad
    • Lilith
    • Andrew
    • Malfa
    • Mr. Chainsaw
    • Oritok
  • C

    • Kroot
    • Allen
    • Logan

In our tier list above we have mentioned all the Ace Defenders characters. we have categorized all the character according to their power and abilities, so you don’t have to be confused. just strategies  your game according to this Tier list and you’re all set to win. We will keep updating this list if new characters arrive or the developer decides to Buff/Debuff the existing characters.

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