How To Fix ‘Zerodha Not Working Or Login’ Issue In 2022?

Read about the Zerodha not working issue below !

Zerodha Kite is an easy application for online investments and trading available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It provides a wide platform for all the newcomers in the trading world. This app is owned by the Zerodha company. Similar to other applications, users have to encounter errors like ‘Zerodha unexpected error occurred’ and ‘Zerodha login error’.

The error that Zerodha users are currently having is ‘Zerodha not working’. Whenever they try to log in to the applications, they face this issue.  There are multiple users who took to Twitter and complained about Zerodha not working issue as well. If you are facing the same error then don’t worry, you have to come to the right place.

How To Fix Zerodha Kite Not Working Issue?

Zerodha Not Working

Imagine you have invested a chunk of your money in a trading app and suddenly it stops working! People are also lately facing the ‘Zerodha Kite Not Working’ issue. It was all there on the Twitter page of the app.

People were unable to sign in to their Kite accounts once they Sign out. Also, there were some new customers who wanted to make a new account were unable to make one. All account holders were facing this sign-in and registration issue for several hours.

As the Twitter handle of Zerodha Kite was flooded with all the complaints regarding this issue, the developer of the app has resolved the issue. The error was occurring due to some server issue on their end. It was also updated on Twitter when it was fixed!

The only way to fix this issue is to wait until the developer patches up. It happens once in a blue moon, i.e very few times where people face issues like this. The developers understand your anxiety and they always tried to get back to all the customers as soon as they can.

Mutual Funds and Online Trading is still at your own risk. We cannot guarantee about the hype or down in the market ever. So invest in it at your own risk!

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