This Is Why YTS.MX Is Not Working?

YTS is one of the biggest torrent sites but the site is down as of now. Let's see why is down and the future of YTS and its domains.

YTS or YIFY is one of the most popular torrent sites and suddenly users aren’t able to access the website. For the past few hours, the website is down and shows the error message whenever you try to log in. In case you are wondering why is down and when will it be back up read further to know.

Why Is Down?

As of now, isn’t accessible and site registrar Gandi has put the domain on “clienHold”. Domains are put on clientHold when they are down because of legal reasons. Many users suspect that one of the multiple piracy lawsuits has caught up with YTS/ YIFY which is why as of now the domain is suspended. As of now, there is no news regarding any founder or executive of YTS being arrested.

YTS have had their share of troubles with piracy lawsuits which is why the site had to shift multiple domains. YTS started with and after two years they moved to In 2019 YTS again moved to which is the Mexican domain that is not responding as of now.

Before YTS came into the picture the website was called YIFY. While many think it was bought by someone some believe that it was another case of re-branding to run from the lawsuits. These incidents make it very obvious that YTS has always been on the run with lawsuits on its tail.

Future Of YTS

With the site not responding and the domain on “clientHold” the future of YTS or YIFY seems bleak. Even though YTS has changed domains before but the new domain was always listed on their website. As of now, the website has still listed the current domain as the main domain.

This makes it clear that this time it’s not YTS changing the domain, maybe some Legal authority or organization has shut the domain. The chances of YTS coming back are very less but we are hopeful that we might see another domain in some time.

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