How To Fix Waasmedic.exe High Disk Usage Issue?

Waasmedic is a program that keeps you application updated. Let's see how to fix the Waasmedic.exe high disk usage issue and clear disk space.

Waasmedic.exe, also known as Waasmedic is an inbuilt windows program that will facilitate the updating process of all applications. Even though it is there to make your system smoother for many it is doing the exact opposite. Several users have complained that they see 100% disk usage when they start the Task manager and most of the usage is because of Waasmedic. Here are some ways you can fix the Waasmedic high disk usage issue.

Waasmedic.exe High Disk Usage Issue Fix

Waasmedic disk usage fix
Here’s a list of ways you can use to fix the issue:


Antiviruses flagging things unnecessarily isn’t a new thing. Sometimes your antivirus might be blocking an update or download which and the Waasmedic would try to push the update, this will cause the Waasmedic to eat up more disk space. Try switching off the antivirus and check the task manager again in an hour.

Disk Cleanup

The Disk cleanup feature is an inbuilt feature that identifies and deleted all unnecessary or corrupted files. Press the “Windows” and “S” buttons together and it will the search bar, type in Disk Cleanup, and select the topmost option. Choose the drive you have installed windows on, press the “clean up system files” option, and tap on OK. The disk cleanup should reduce the disk space being used.

Disable Updates or Waasmedic.exe

Waasmedic helps in updating programs, if you stopped the updates for some time it won’t be functioning that much and that will automatically reduce the disk space used. At the start, the menu goes to settings and then goes to Update and Security. At the bottom of the panel on your right, you will see the Advanced options tab. Here you can stop the updates for some time (35 days at max). You can also disable Waasmedic itself but that is not recommended as it is a very important program for your system.

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