Why Does My Spotify Keeps Pausing? – Fix

Here are is a way to fix Spotify Keeps Pausing issue and enjoy uninterrupted music!

‘Spotify Keeps Pausing’ is a common issue experienced by almost all Spotify users. It is indeed a very frustrating issue as it ruins the flow and spoils the mood as it keeps pausing or buffering. Therefore to fix the issue and enjoy the break-free music we have got a list of solutions for you.

Check out the options below and fix the Spotify Keeps Pausing issue on your device to enjoy all your favorite tracks without any interruption!

Ways To Fix Spotify Keeps Pausing Issue:

1. Restart Your Device

Spotify Keeps Pausing

The simplest way to fix the ‘Spotify Keeps Pausing’ issue on any other issue on the mobile device is to restart your device. This will refresh the app thereby fixing small bugs and glitches on your device. So restart your Android, iOS device, or even PC to fix this issue and enjoy your favorite music uninterrupted!

2. Log Out And Log In Again

Spotify Keeps Pausing

If restarting your device won’t work then try to Log in again in your Spotify again. While doing this make sure you Log out from all the devices that are logged in on your UserID. Because there is a chance to face an error if you are using the same ID on multiple devices at the same time. So, Log out and Log in again to your Spotify account and see if help you fix the issue.

3. Re-install Spotify

Spotify Keeps Pausing

Head to the app store and see if your Spotify is updated. If not, then click on the update button and update the app. If that is not the case then uninstall Spotify and install it again properly to fix the issue and listen to all your favorite music without any disturbance.

4. Turn Off Battery Saver Mode/ Power Saver Mode

Spotify Keeps Pausing

This fix is for all the people who are facing the ‘Spotify Keeps Pausing’ issue on their mobile devices. There is a power saver mode or data saver mode in every mobile that slows down the background app activity to save up on the device’s battery. So if this mode is turned on in your phone then make sure you turn it off to avoid this pausing issue.

Follow the steps given below to turn the data saver mode of:

  • For Android- Settings >> Battery And Performance >> Battery Saver/ Ultra Battery Saver
  • For iOS- Settings >> Battery >> Low Power Mode

5. Switch Data Connection

There is a chance that the data connection on your mobile device is running slow due to a network issue. Run a speed test on your device and check if the speed is proper. Or else switch to a WIFI connection to ensure a good internet connection on your device to enjoy your favorite music uninterrupted.

That’s all for this one click on the link for more such guides on Spotify that will help you understand all the features in the same.