How To Take Screenshot Via Keyboard Shortcuts On Pc, Laptop (2022)

Here are all the screenshot Keyboard shortcuts that you should know about.

Taking a screenshot on mobile is pretty easy, you just have to tap the Power button and Volume Down button and there you are. Similarly taking a screenshot on a PC or Laptop is also pretty easy. But if your buttons are broken or need easier ways to take a screenshot on PC Laptop, then we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will discuss how you can take screenshot via Keyboard Shortcuts on a PC, Laptop.

How Can I Take Screenshot Using Keyboard Shortcuts?

screenshot keyboard shortcuts PC

We’ve mentioned all the shortcuts to take screenshot by using the keyboard in the article below, go ahead and check them out.

Snipping Tool – PC Keyboard Shortcuts

This shortcut will save your time entirely, and you won’t need to edit or crop your screenshot anymore. There are verities of snips that you can take just by clicking Windows + Shift key + S. After pressing these keys you’ll be able to take snips like.

  • Rectangular Snip – In this snip, you can easily select the area that you want to crop and save. And then the screenshot will be saved automatically.
  • Freeform Snip – This option will allow you to make a customized shape around the content that you want to capture in your screenshot.
  • Full Screen – In this option, you can take a screenshot of your entire screen easily.

Print Screen

This is the standard method that people have been using to take a Screenshot. In order to take a screenshot you just have to press Windows Key + Print Screen button, and you’ll be good to go. You can easily locate the print screen key (PrtSc Key) on the top right of your keyboard.

Game Bar

If you’re a gamer or just simply want to record your screen and share it to somebody else, then here’s what you can do. Just press Windows Key + G Key, then a new tap will appear with various option. But to take a screenshot make sure to ON the Capture option in the Game Bar. After that you’ll see options to take screenshot and record screen just by a click.

These are all the keyboard shortcuts that you can try and take screenshot on your PC or laptop. If you want free up some space on your phone by clearing all the junk, then here’s how you can do it.