How To Recharge FASTag Using G-Pay In 2022?

Here's a step by step guide on how to recharge FASTag using Google Pay.

Want to rechange FASTag using G-pay? If your answer is YES but you don’t know the procedure, you are in the right place. For the uninformed, FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India, which is operated by the National Highway Authority of India.

If you are traveling from one city to another via your private vehicle and you don’t have sufficient balance in your FASTag account then you should recharge it using G-Pay to save your time at the toll station. The best thing about FASTag is you don’t need to show anything to people sitting at the toll station.

When your vehicle reaches the toll station, the Radio Frequently Identification technology scans your FASTag and deducts money from the account linked to it. There are numerous apps available on the internet that provide the FASTag recharge options but none of them is as simple as G-Pay.

If you want to learn how to recharge FASTag using Google Play then keep reading this guide. Before we start the process, let me tell you that you need to have your FASTag issuing bank to get the recharge done. Apart from this, you must link your FASTag account before making any recharges.

How to Recharge FASTag Using Google Pay

If you have not linked your FASTag account as of yet, follow the below-mentioned steps to do so:

  • Open the Google Play application on your phone.
  • Now, tap on the New Payment button and search for ‘FASTag’.
  • Scroll down and find the issuing bank of your FASTag and select the correct one.
  • Tap on the Get Started button.
  • Enter the required details such as your vehicle number and keep an easy name to access in the future.
  • Tap on the Link Account button and check your details properly.
  • Once checked, tap on the Link account button.
  • Doing this will get your FASTag account linked to G-Pay
  • Once you have successfully linked your FASTag account to G-Pay, you will see the screen showing your FASTag account.
  • Tap on the Pay button to make the payment. Make sure to put the amount above Rs 200.
  • Once entered the amount, you will be asked to enter your UPI pin to complete the process.
  • Once you have successfully made the payment,  you will get an SMS from your bank account link with G-Pay.
  • That’s it.

That’s all you need to know about how to recharge FASTag using G-Pay in 2022.