Top 21 Legit Paying Apps In Philippines Via GCash (2024)

Check out the list that pay legit money in the Philippines!

There are very few apps on the internet that actually pay legit Gcash in the Philippines. All apps that claim to pay in Gcash do not usually deposit money into the user’s account. Basically, there are multiple fake apps available on the internet. With that in mind, we have discovered a few genuine apps that are paying legit money in the Philippines and a few other countries in the world.

If you live in the Philippines and looking for some legit or genuine paying apps then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will talk about only legit-paying apps that people living in the Philippines can use and earn money.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Legit Paying Apps Via Gcash In Philippines (2024)

There are so many limitations, rules and regulations to be followed to earn legitimate money from apps in the Philippines. Read all the rules and regulations very carefully before signing up for any app to get legit money from paid apps in the Philippines.

Here are the best legit paying apps in the Philippines:

1. BuzzBreak

legit paying apps Philippines 2021

BuzzBreak is one of the best and trusted legit paying apps that give Gcash to all its users in Phillippines. Users of BuzzBreak have to read news, memes, watch videos, complete offers, make and play games to earn money. You can also send an invite to your friends and family from this app to get extra bonus cash on BuzzBreak in the Philippines.

2) TGM Panel Philippines

legit paying apps Philippines 2021

TGM Panel Philippines is basically a legit app that pays you money for the reviews which you give for different items you have used. All you have to do is use products and write a review or answer questions on that particular product or brand and earn money in the Philippines. The best thing about this app is it can also be used in a few other countries.

3) Surveytime

legit paying apps Philippines 2021

Surveytime is not an app but a website that is completely mobile-friendly. It is available all over the globe and pays 1 USD for completing a survey. All you have to do is sign up for Surveytime create your account and start giving answers to the questions in the survey depending on your interest. There are various options available for every person’s interest which they can choose from. You can withdraw money using your PayPal account.

4) Linkinpay

legit paying apps Philippines 2021

Linkopay is similar to Surveytime. The only difference is, it is only available to earn legit money in the Philippines and not in any other country. Complete the survey’s on the app whenever you get free time and earn money from Linkpay.

5) PanelPlace

legit paying apps Philippines 2021

PanelPlace is an app available for free in the Philippines for all users who wish to complete surveys and earn money. The app has millions of active users who are getting paid by PanelPlace. To earn money from PanelPlace, you will have to sign up and look for surveys with the best of your interest and earn legit money.

6) Clickworker

legit paying apps Philippines 2021

Clickworker is a free app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app has a simple interface where you have to complete simple tasks like uploading pictures and videos and get paid in Euros. There are plenty of users who reported to have minted a lot of money by using the Clickworker application.

7) Toluna Influencers

legit paying apps Philippines 2021

Toluna is also a free app available to download for mobile. It’s a survey app where you have to complete small surveys on different products ad services and you are rewarded with cashpoints. These cashpoints are redeemable at Paypal and or as Amazon gift cards in the Philippines.

8) PayMaya

legit paying apps Philippines

PayMaya is a financial services and digital payments company that gives you Gcash on referral. The application is used to pay bills online all over the Philippines. When you refer this app to your friend and they install it on your referral code you will get ₱50 in your Gcash. So make your friends and family install PayMaya using your referral code and earn legit Gcash.

9) SnippetMedia

legit paying apps Philippines

Snippetmedia is an app similar to BuzzBreak. It has all the latest news, videos, and other content for you to watch and surf. You will get paid in Kachings on reading or watching content on SnippentMedia that is convertible into Gcash post at 12 AM every night.

10) Sweatcoin

legit paying apps Philippines

Sweatcoin is an amazing app that covert your daily step counts into a digital currency. For every 1000 steps you walk you get 95 Sweatcoins that can be used almost everywhere. Users collect the sweatcoins and convert them into PayPal vouchers or trade them at the marketplace to get money in return. You can use the money that you earn here for shopping or paying any bills of yours. It is an amazing way to keep your health on track and get real-world money in return.

11) Snapcart

legit paying apps Philippines

Snapcart is a new way to earn money in the form of cashback. Unlike other apps mentioned above, users do not have to complete any surveys, watch or upload photos, videos or have to do any tedious task. All you have to do here is go shopping and then click a photo of your receipt and upload it here on Snapcart. It will then quickly work on the items that you purchased and will reward you with some cashback within a few minutes. Snapcart works as a marketing site where it collects data on various products. When people buy products that they are marketing they share some revenue with the customers. This legit paying app is only available in Indonesia and the Philippines and not in other countries.

12) Streetbees

legit paying apps Philippines

Streetbees is an app that helps brands understand how customers will think about their products. All the users of Streetbees have to select a story and start answering the questions they shoot at you about a product. Eg. Take a picture of all the available ice cream flavors. Depending on the answer, the review that you submit you get paid by Streebees. There are a lot of stories or tasks on the app that users can complete within a few minutes and get legit money in return.

13) QunQun


This is an open social media platform where users can earn money to be active in the app community. Users get paid to like, comment, and engage with other users. This app is available for Android and iOS users. The only thing users need to do to earn money from this app is to be an interactive user. This community platform is based on blockchain technology. In addition, users can create their own theme community and obtain extra QunQun rewards by posting content on the app.

14) WowApp


The WowApp offers not one but six ways to make money. Users can earn real money by doing activities like watching a video, installing an app, or reaching a certain level in a game. Moreover, users can also earn money by using the UBI wallet daily. This app even makes shopping a lucrative deal as users buying from their shop earn cashback rewards. Users can also play and number of games and earn money through this app. That is not all. WowApp users can also make calls at discounted rates and every call is rewarded with WowCoins. Purchasing from the WowApp store also gives users WowCoins than can be used in the store.

15) Kumu


Kumu is another one of the legit paying apps in the Philippines. Users can earn money by becoming a content creator or a streamer on this app. Much like other streaming sites and apps, the main source of earning for users is through virtual gift donations in form of in-app currencies. These currencies can later be cashed out for money. In addition, users can also earn large cash prizes by participating in the app’s Quiz shows.

16) Trash Cash


The Trash Can app is a great environmental initiative in addition to being a legit method to earning some cash. This app pays users to sort their trash for recyclables and then drop them at their nearest collection center. Once users do that, they will be credited with points that can be redeemed in partner retail stores and restaurants. However, the app is still in its early stages of development and can face technical issues at times.

17) Cashzine


This is an app that allows users to earn an in-app currency, Coins, every time they read a news article or view a video. Once users earn enough Coins, they can cash them out for PHP. However, it takes a lot of time to get to even 1 PHP through this app as players have to get 1,600 coins for it. That being said, it is a fun app to read about current news and earn some cash.

Milieu Surveys is an app where you get paid for answering a series of questions. These bite-sized surveys take about 5 to 10 minutes to finish. Like other survey apps, this app uses your profile to determine what kinds of surveys you will get. There will be days that you won’t receive any paid surveys if they are not available.

18) Milieu Surveys


Users can earn some extra cash on this app by participating in surveys. The surveys aren’t excessively long and will take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. This option is great for users that do not have a lot of time as the short surveys can be completed during commutes or breaks. However, users can only cash out from the app once they have made PHP 200. This means collecting about 11,500 points on the app. With limited amount of surveys, this process can take a long time.

19) ShopBack


This is an online shopping app that offers discounts and cashbacks to users. ShopBack is literally an app that pays users to shop in form of Cashbacks. In addition, often there are also offers where users get instant cashback for signing up with the programs or referring others to the app. The minimum cash out amount for this app is PHP 200.

20) Lyka


This is a social media app that has good monetization features that can help users earn money. It is one of the legit paying apps in Philippines that allows users to discover new items, connect with friends, and share their interests while getting paid for it. Users can share pictures, videos, and text similar to Instagram or Facebook. However, users can actually get paid for their posts on this platform.

21) GCash


While most apps pay out in GCash, the GCash app itself is also legit way of making some quick money. Similar to Paytm, this app rewards users for paying bills, shopping, and sending or receiving money through it. Users can earn cashbacks, vouchers, lucrative offers, deals, and reward points. By using  this app for payments, users can save quite a bit through their deals and offers.

This is everything you need to know about legit paying apps in the Philippines. Read another article on the HTML5 video file not found error fix.