Is Fandango Down? Spiderman No Way Home Ticket Rush

Find out if Fandango's website has crashed.

Is Fandango Down? If you were on the hunt for movie tickets today, you might have uttered these very words. And the frustration is genuine. Users across the world have been facing this frustration as they look to book tickets for the upcoming weekend. If you too are stuck like us, a bit of closure would surely help. So, scroll down and find out what is actually the deal with Fandango’s servers.

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Is the Fandango website down?

Is Fandango Down | Site Details, Server Load, Outages And More

Fandango servers have crashed and gone out. This is something that can be confirmed via Downdetector is a reliable website where you can check for global website outages and server issues. In the last few hours, there has been a surge of complaints among users about Fandango Servers.

Now, there is a genuine reason for this as Fandango isn’t the only one facing such an outage. Other ticketing websites such as AMC, ATOM, and Cinemark are also down. The main culprit for this is the release of tickets for Marvel’s Spiderman No Way Home.

Spiderman No Way Home is nearing its release date and is causing pages like Fandango to go down. The movie has had a massive amount of hype right since the last Spiderman film and it shows. With this film, Marvel will step into the next phase of superhero movies as we know and love.

And because of the massive rush that ticketing apps saw, many of them have crashed. The apps and pages couldn’t handle the ticketing rush. We hope the servers will be live soon or there might be people with pitchforks in the street. Yes, Marvel movies have become that important.

This is everything that you need to know about Is Fandango Down. Looking for help with some other hardware or software issues? Have a look at our comprehensive Tech section to solve your doubts.