Hotmail Not Working On iPhone: How To Fix It?

Are you having trouble using Hotmail on your iPhone? Here's the fix.

Hotmail is quite a popular e-mailing service amongst iPhone users. However, some users have been experiencing trouble while trying to use Hotmail on their iPhones. We will explain how this issue can be fixed below. Some of the most common issues reported by users include not being able to see some of their mail and not receiving notifications when they receive a new message. This can be quite a frustrating experience for users. While it is possible that the issue is an error on the iOS system’s behalf, users should also ensure that they have the correct login information and their Hotmail is installed correctly. Read on below to find out how to easily fix the Hotmail not working on the iPhone issue.

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How To Fix Hotmail Not Working On iPhone?

The best option to fix the Hotmail not working on iPhone is to use an iOS system repair tool. Users should try to find a repair tool that will resolve the Hotmail not working on iPhone issue without tampering with the data or causing data loss. iMyFone Fixppo is one such repair tool. To use iMyFone Fixppo, follow the steps listed below:

  • Download and Install iMyFone Fixppo on the computer.
  • Open the program and select “Standard Mode”.
  • Connect the iPhone to the computer through a USB cable.
  • Connect the iPhone to the computer.
  • After detecting the device model, the program will offer appropriate firmware for the device.
  • Click “Download” to get the firmware.
  • After downloading the firmware, click “Start”.
  • Ensure that the device is connected to the computer until the procedure is complete.

If the method given above fails to fix the Hotmail not working on the iPhone issue, users should contact their email provider or system administrator for assistance. In addition, users can also check the official platforms for the service to know if there is a service issue from that end. Do you want to know how to lock apps on your iPhone? Keep browsing Games Adda for the latest in Tech and Gaming.