Hoss00312: Everything You Need To Know About Twitch Hate Raid Bot

Here's everything you need to know about Hoss00312.

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms for gamers across the world. This streaming platform has always been in the news for its controversial streamers. There are plenty of controversial streamers who Twitch banned quite a few different times over the years.

There are numerous things that people search about Twitch. One of them is Hoss00312 or Host00312 and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered. From what is Hoss00312 to why his Twitch account has been included in the list of Twitch Hate Raid Bot, this post will explain everything in detail.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What Is Hoss00312?

Hoss00312 or Host00312 is a Twitch user, whose Twitch account has reportedly been added to the list of Twitch Hate Raid Bot. For the unversed, Host00312 is not the only Twitch user whose account has been listed on the Hate Raid Bot list, there are plenty of users who you can find in the same list.

There are plenty of Twitch users who are requesting the Streaming platform to roll out a new feature to prevent their millions of users from malicious users or so-called hate raids bots. Due to bots like Hoss00312 or others, a lot of users have reported their passwords being spammed on chat as well.

If you are ever attacked by bots and you have everything signed in, I advise you not to change the password of any social media platform. The reason why most Twitch users are worried right now is Hoss00312 has started targeting both popular and regular Twitch streamers.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of all Twitch hate raid bots that you will have to ban or block the moment you see them on your computer.

All Twitch Hate Raid Bots List

Here are all Twitch Hate Raid Bots and their current status:

  • hoss00314 [active]
  • hoss00315 [active]
  • hoss00322 [active]
  • hoss00311 [active]
  • hoss00321
  • hoss00310
  • hoss00320
  • hoss00323

What Twitch Has To Say About Hate Raid Bot?

The creators of Twitch are very active and they have been monitoring the surge of bot or fake engagement on their platform. In one of their tweets, Twitch had mentioned that they identified and removed 7.5MM+ accounts for not following the guidelines laid by the platform.

Elaborating about their move, they wrote on Twitter that these accounts were detected via machine learning technology. They also urged Twitch users to be patient because they may have witnessed a huge decrease in their follower and view counts in the last few days.

That’s all you need to know about Hoss00312 or Host00312.