Genyoutube – Download YouTube Videos & Sound Cloud Music For Free

Here's how to download YouTube videos via GenYouTube?

Do you know what GenYouTube is how it works? If your answer is ‘NO’ then you are at the right website. Yes, in this article, we will explain each and everything about GenYouTube 2022 that you must know.

How Does Genyoutube Work?


GenYouTube is a YouTube video downloader. Its interface is quite similar to YouTube. If you are looking for a YouTube downloader then this could the best option for you. In order to download any YouTube video, all you have to do is to search for the video and click on the thumbnail.

When the video starts playing, you will see an option to download the desired video or the audio file of the particular video.

Genyoutube Features


There are certain features that GenYouTube has but you would not find the same on any other video downloader. Let’s got through its features one by one.

  • You can download any YouTube video in various formats. 
  • You can download any TikTok video. 
  • You can download music from SoundCloud
  • You can download conferences from the
  • You can download videos in 4K or high-quality audio
  • You can play videos in the background
  • Auto-queue stream
  • You can Import YouTube and Sound Cloud Subscriptions
  • Focus gain
  • Volume gesture control
  • Popup actions

How to Import Youtube and the Sound Cloud Subscription?


There are various features that make GenYouTube one of the best video downloaders and one of them is it allows you to import YouTube and Sound Cloud subscription for free. In order to do this, users are required to download YouTube’s subscription file into their device.

Don’t know how to download YouTube’s subscription? Don’t worry, It is way easier than you thought. Yes, you can do it by opening the URL:

Once you logged into YouTube, you will have to save the downloaded file and that files can be imported.


For the Sound Cloud subscription, you will have to copy the following like and then paste it in the app.

How to download YouTube videos from GenYouTube?

Downloading YouTube videos through GenYouTube is quite easy. If you want to download any desired video from YouTube, you will have to search for the same. Unlike YouTube, GenYouTube allows you to download any video on your device. What all you have to do is to hit the download button and select the quality you want the video to be downloaded.

How to download Sound Cloud Music via GenYouTube?

We all know how amazing a platform is Sound Cloud to listen to music but only a few people know that they can download Sound Cloud music for free. Yes, with the help of Genyoutube, you can easily download Sound Cloud music to an Android device for free. This is one of the best ways to have a huge collection of offline music.

When it comes to YouTube video and Sound Cloud music downloader then there is no better platform than Genyoutube, Yes, it allows its users to save any kind of video or music for free. If you are looking for the best YouTube downloaders then Genyoutube is highly recommended.


The contents available on GenYouTube are hosted by either YouTube or Sound Cloud. The website does not warrant or make any representations related to the accuracy, results, or reliability of the use of any materials on the Internet website or relating to such materials.

FAQs about GenYT

What differentiate GenYT from the others?

  • It lets users download YouTube videos
  • It allows you to download TikTok videos
  • It allows you to Download high-quality videos

Is it legal to use Genyoutube in India?

If anything to go by the website, it is legal to stream videos and listen to music from YouTube and Sound Cloud respectively, However, downloading videos and music from YT and SC are illegal in India.

Is Genyoutube virus-free?

This is uncertain and we can’t clearly say that it is a virus-free website. Considering its user base and popularity looks like, GenYT does not have any malware or other viruses on the website. But, downloading anti-virus before visiting this website is highly recommended.

While clicking on ads, make sure to check them properly. The only reason why we are saying to be cautious is that a lot of advertisements are actually designed by black-hat hackers to steal your confidential information.

In order to protect yourself from the hack, you need to implement a few necessary and essential steps:

Block Ads: When you install ad blockers on your PC, it will help you to protect from this threat. This blocks all the ads, and won’t let you click on any clickbait ads.

VPN: Whenever you are using any illegal website, make sure to use a VPN. When you enable a VPN, it gives you the freedom to browse the software without the fear of getting caught by the officials or cyber branch.

VPN helps you to hide your personal IP and bypass your restriction by changing your IP address from different countries across the world. Hence, do not forget to install Virtual Private Network software before visiting GenYT.


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