How To Convert ‘EXE’ to ‘APK’ In 2022?

Here is a guide to convert your ssoftwares from EXE to APK!

Android industry has started its progress in the tech field with its all-new updates and new features. The introduction of all these new features that were previously only available on PC is now available very easily on all Android phones. But not all software is converted into an APK file and available to install on Mobile.

If you want to use any PC software on Mobile or convert the .exe file into APK on PC then don’t worry, we have got you covered. There are numerous applications available on the internet that allow you to convert exe into APK but if you don’t know which one is the best then keep reading this post.

How To Convert EXE into APK On PC?

EXE (.exe) is an extension added to all executable files on Microsoft Windows. Whereas (.APK) stands next to all the files on an Android device. The full form of APK is an Android Application Package. If you are looking for ways to convert .exe files on your PC into a compact APK file that can be used on Mobile then here is a solution for you.

Follow all the steps given in the guide to convert your EXE files into APK files.

Steps To Convert All Your Files From EXE To APK:

1) Download EXE to APK Converter on your Windows PC. You can download it from any browser or can simply click here to download it on your PC.

convert exe to APK

2) Once downloaded, you can simply run it by hitting double click on it.

3) Now a small box will pop up in front of you. Select ‘I have a portable application’ from the two options and then click on the Next button to proceed.

convert exe to APK

4) Select a destination folder from the list of all the locations where you can save the file and click on the Ok button on the bottom.

5) Now select an EXE file that you want to convert into an APK file and again click on the ok button to proceed. You will again get a confirmation notification, hit the convert button this time to complete the process.

convert exe to APK

6) Find the same EXE file in your saved selected location ready to transfer into your android device. Transfer it to an Android device and install the file to run it smoothly.

This is all you need to know about how to convert your EXE files into APK. Read another article on how to fix Cyclic Redundancy Check Error for PC.