Best Smart Watches For Men To Buy Under 2000 (November 2022)

Looking for Best Smart Watches For Men under 2000? Check out our list.

Nowadays, Smart Watches have taken over our wrists and have modernized the way we use our watches. You will not just use your watch to see the time anymore. With the amazing features included in the Smart Watches, these watches can do much more. If you’re considering to buy one and are looking for some of the Best Smart Watches for Men under 2000, check out the list given in this guide and make your choice.

Best Smart Watches for Men under 2000

Check out the features and models of some of the Best Smart Watches for Men under 2000. Refer to the list below.

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand is one of the best choices to make because it has many cool features with cool design to go with your attires. It has a 1.69 inch display and a battery of 260mAH. Also, it supports fast charging and can be charged to function up to 25 hours in mere 15 minutes. Being fully charged, Colorfit Pulse Grand can go up to a week’s usage without recharging. Apart from that, it provides up to 60 Sport modes to choose from and is waterproof. You can reply to texts without having to unlock your phone. It operates on Android and is available at Rs. 1799.

Fire-Boltt Ninja 3

Fire-Boltt Ninja 3


Alternatively, you can have a look at Fire-Boltt Ninja 3. It has a High-Definition display of 1.69inches and the average battery life is up to 7 days. Something unique about this smart watch is that it has a standby time of 25 days. It can be connected to your device via Bluetooth and is waterproof. Fire-Boltt Ninja 3 costs Rs. 1899 and is one of the Best Smart Watches for Men.

Boat Wave Lite

Boat Wave Lite Smart Watch

Yes, you got it right. Boat has come up with their collection of Smart Watches apart from sound devices. With its unique features, Boat has launched Boat Wave Lite Smart Watch which has a calorie tracker along with a heart rate monitor. It has light weight design and has a 1.69inch full HD display. You can track your daily calories and your fitness analysis. Apart from that, you can choose from several sports tracking modes. With all these features included in the Boat Wave Lite, it costs Rs. 1799.

Zebronics Zeb-Fit920CH

Zebronics zeb fit920ch smart watch

Next in line is Zebronics Zeb-Fit920CH with a variety of colors to choose your style. This smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. To be precise, it functions with devices upper than iOS 8.0 and above and in Android 4.4 and above. Apart from Time, you can use this watch to track your fitness activities, calories, and even analyze your sleep pattern. It is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about that. All these features are available in the smartwatch and it costs only Rs. 1299.

Crossbeats Ignite lyte

Crossbeats Ignite Lyte

Last but not the least, Crossbeats Ignite Lyte is something you can consider to buy. Apart from the features like Sports tracker, Sleep analysis, it also monitors your blood pressure and has GPS. It Battery life is about 15 days in single charge. Also, it has 1.69inch display with feather touch technology and a various colors to choose from. Crossbeats Ignite Lyte costs Rs. 1999.

These smartwatches are hand-picked for this list because these are some of the Best Smart Watches for Men under 2000 in India. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you are here, you can feel free to check out more such guides like Best Bluetooth Earphones under 3000 and Best Smart Watches under 5000 in India.