Best Random Password Generator Sites & Apps (2022)

To keep your accounts safe & secure, here's the list of strong random password generator sites.

With growing technology, hacking has always been an issue. No one wants their data to be leaked and used for something illegal. In order to avoid all this, your password needs to be strong and unique. Using your birth date, hobbies, and pet name is not the answer, it needs to be uncommon. Biometrics can also be the solution, but unfortunately, you can’t use it everywhere. Although, passwords are still trustworthy but coming up with a new unique one can be tricky. In order to help you generate strong and uncrackable ones, here’s a list of all the best safe & secure Random Password Generator apps.

Strong Random Password Generators (2022)

If you don’t want your data to be leaked or your account to be hacked, then you better go through the list below.

Dashlane – Safe & Secure

dashlane safe & secure

Dashlane is one of the best safe & secure Password Generator sites. It not only generates passwords but also manages them for you. The site is free to use but also has a paid accounts option. In their free versions you can easily store up to 50 passwords, but on the other hand, the paid version offers unlimited storage. Before trying the site, here are some highlights that you should know of.

  • It protects your data with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Notifies the user about their weak passwords.
  • Determines the reused passwords.
  • Paid version has multiple device options.
  • Automatic form-filling function.
  • Password sharing available.
  • 40 characters password limit.

LastPass – Best Password Generator

last pass

LastPass is a very popular and most used free Password Generator. It is specially designed for families and also provides unlimited storage on many devices. It also has a subscription option which costs 4$ per month.

  • It protects your data with encryption of 256-AES.
  • Gives weak password alert.
  • Provides extra protection while generating a password.
  • Automatic form filling feature.
  • 50 characters password limit.
  • Allows you to include or exclude characters of your choice.



Nordpass is one of the trusted Password Generators because it’s very easy to use and brought to you by Nord VPN. To make it easier for you, they have a mobile application too. Nordpass also has some premium features to make it more safe & secure, such as a data breach scanner, secure password sharing, and also password health. For your convenience, we have listed all the features below.

  • Automatic encryption.
  • Allows you to include or exclude characters of your choice.
  • 60 characters password limit.
  • 2-factor authentication and many more options.

Secure Password Generator

secure password generator

Secure Password Generator is a free site and very easy to use. This generator also allows you to include and exclude characters of your choice. It can generate super complex passwords and also helps you remember them. In order to remember the password just sync it with your devices and ON the feature.

Norton Password Generator – Safe & Secure

norton password generator safe & secure

Last but not the least, Norton Password Generator is also a safe & secure generator site. They’re fighting the battle against viruses and data leaks for a very long time. Their popular flagship is the Norton Antivirus. It’s very easy to use and also helps you create complex passwords, just with a click.

These are all the best Password Generators for you, go ahead and check them out. Now no one can hack your accounts, although if you want to experience how it feels to be a hacker, then here are all best the Hacking Games for you.