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Top 5 Best MIUI Themes Or Xiaomi Themes (November 2022)

Here are top 5 best themes on to set on your Xiaomi mobile.

Xiaomi or MIUI has captured the mobile industry with their cost-friendly mobiles and amazing set of features in a very short time in India. There were hardly any companies at the beginning that had so many features and a low-cost budget to offer when Xioami was launched. Now that Xiaomi is growing and loved by people from more than 100 countries. It is pretty obvious that you will be looking forward to some new Xiaomi or MIUI themes other than the regular default theme to make your phone look a little different from others. Then you must try these top 5 best MIUI themes or Xiaomi themes right now. These are not all Xiaomi themes, we will keep you updated with new themes in the times to come.

Top 5 MIUI Or Xiaomi Themes To Use In November 2022

1) Pineapple

best MIUI themes or Xiaomi themes

If you are looking for a Xioami or MIUI theme that is decent enough with a premium look then Pineapple is the best option for you. It has a decent, cool look with a slight change in the notification bar. Though all the other icons look similar to the default theme of Xiaomi yet it is one of the best Xiaomi themes to use on your MIUI device.

2) Android 10 Dual Dark & Light

best MIUI themes or Xiaomi themes

Android 10 Dual Dark & Light is the most customizable theme on Xiaomi devices. You can customize its lock screen, home screen, and apps anytime according to your will. The theme has dark and lights both colored backgrounds that you can choose from. This is the best MIUI theme or Xiaomi theme as it has plenty of fonts to choose from to make your device look different from others.

3) Android One

best MIUI themes or Xiaomi themes

Android One is a classic theme that you get to see on Android One smartphones. You can set this theme on your Xiaomi phone to give it a look of Android One devices. It has a very nice calm theme with a change in the notification and status bar and a sharp icon outline. This is one of the best MIUI themes or Xiaomi themes that is used by tons of Xiaomi users.

4) Pixel Q

Pixel Q

Pixel Q is a very attractive MIUI theme or Xiaomi theme that is liked by most people. What makes it best is that the theme is applied to the background as well as the keyboard of your mobile. It comes with a classic google wallpaper with a decent look for all the icons. It is very small in size that it does not interfere with the system and make it run slow.

5) Pixel Pie 10

Pixel Pie 10

Pixel Pie 10 is a catchy theme that helps you to change between dark and light themes. What makes it the best of all is it allows you to customize your status bar and lock screen whenever you wish to. It gives your device a classy look that differentiates it from others.

There are plenty of MIUI themes or Xiaomi themes available to download for free on the MI Store. The above-mentioned themes are a personal favorite and it’s not necessary that you like them all. You can always go to the MIUI themes store n your device and look for your favorite theme that suits you the best.

This is everything you need to know about the best MIUI themes or Xiaomi themes for Xiaomi mobiles. Check another article on Poco X3 Pro prices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and other countries.