Full Moon Timing In Summertime Saga

Want to know when the next full moon is in Summertime Saga?

Summertime Saga is a choice-based sims game where players can pursue different routes and get multiple endings. One of these routes is for Odette. This character is one of the females that the protagonist can go out with. She is a goth girl with tattoos and dark hair. During her Summertime Saga route, players will need to go to the graveyard during a  full moon.

However, it can be confusing to pin down the timing of a full moon in the game. This is why we have put together this guide to tell players how they can find out the timing of a full moon in the Summertime Saga.

How To Know When Is Full Moon In Summertime Saga?


To follow Odette’s route, players will first have to finish Eve’s route. Then, they can meet Grace and Eve at Odette’s workplace. Here the main character will get an invitation.

Players will have to go to the graveyard behind the Church on a full moon night to follow up on that invitation. However, it can be a bit difficult to tell when a full moon might occur in Summertime saga.

One option to complete this task is to visit the graveyard every night till a full moon occurs. This cab be an odious and boring option as there is no telling how long players will have to wait.

There is a much easier option to pin down the exact time of the full moon. Players will need to visit Odette and then question her about the crypt. During this conversation, Odette will tell the protagonist exactly when the next full moon is.

Once players know when the full moon is, they can visit the graveyard and interact with the crypt door beneath the tree. Odette will be waiting to talk to the protagonist here.

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