Summertime Saga French Test Answers

The French test requires players to answer three questions correctly.

Summertime Saga is a choice-based sim story game. It offers multiple endings and routes based on a player’s choice. One of the routes that Players can pursue is the Ms. Bissette route. Ms. Bissette is the French teacher at the school where the player’s character studies. To complete this route, players will need to take a French quiz and pass successfully. This is why we have put together the list of all the French test answers required to complete this Summertime Saga route.

All The French Test Answers In Summertime Saga



In the final part of Ms. Bissette’s route, players will need to take a French test to complete the route successfully. If players fail to complete it the first time, they can always go to sleep and complete it the next day. However, with the help of this article, players will be able to ace their test on the first try.

For the test, players will have to choose the correct picture from a number of illustrations for the French word displayed on the screen. There are three questions and players must answer each one correctly. If players get an answer wrong, the test will conclude and players will have to return the next day.


Although these words were revealed to the players during the tutoring session with  Ms. Bissette, here are the answers.

1st French Test Answer: La bicyclette



The correct image for this question is the bicycle.

2nd French Test Answer: Le fromage



Since players need to get all the French test answers correctly in Summertime Saga, the blue cheese is the correct option to pass this question.

3rd French Test Answer: La bouche


The answer for the third and last question is the pair of lips in option 2.

This will conclude the test and if players get all the French test answers right, they can proceed in the Ms. Bissette route for Summertime Saga. For more Summertime Saga guides, check out Summertime Saga Jenny Route: What Is The Laptop Password?


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