Stardew Valley: Forester Or Gatherer Which Is The Best Profession?

Here is a guide that will help you decide the best profession in Stardew Valley!

After reaching level 5 in Stardew Valley players are given options to choose their profession. They can either choose to become Forester or Gatherer! Both the Profession unlock at Forager level 5 and have their own merits and demerits. So, if you want to make the correct choice and collect maximum resources in the game then look no further as we have you covered.

Here is a detailed guide that will help you a get brief idea about both professions in Stardew Valley. Read the article to clear all the confusion about whether you should become Forester or Gatherer in the game.

Which is The Best Forager Profession In Stardew Valley?

forester or gatherer stardew valley

As we mentioned earlier, both profession has their perks and both are good and bad at some point in Stardew Valley. So before we comment about which profession is best, let us learn about the benefits of both professions.


  • When you choose to become a Forester in Stardew Valley, you get 50% extra wood from chopping trees, woods, and other logs. This Hardwood can be used to craft different materials and make Farm Buildings in the Valley.
  • When you go further and reach level 10, you will get to pick between two more professions: Lumberjack and Tapper
  • Lumberjack gives you a constant supply of Hardwood from drops which is one of the most important resources in the game.
  • And Tapper will get you 25% extra money when you sell all the syrups and saps as Forager.
  • So if you choose to become a Forester, you can get the extra Hardwood that will eventually help you craft multiple things easily, and becoming Tapper will bring extra money.

This was about Forester, lets see what the Gatherer profession has to offer in Stardew Valley!


  • When you choose to become Gatherer, you get a chance to double all your harvest foraged items.
  • Like Forester, Gatherer also gets to choose from two professions at level 10. These are the Botanist and Tracker professions.
  • As a Botanist, you will always get to Forage the best quality items in the game.
  • Whereas, Tracker will help you with all the locations of hidden foragable items in Stardew Valley.
  • So if you choose to become a Gatherer, it will get you money by selling all the good quality items or can get you the location of all the hidden artifacts effortlessly.

After looking at the merits and demerits of both professions, being a Gatherer is more helpful as it requires fewer efforts to get money and other resources. But again, it depends from player to player and their skills, and can choose to go for Forester in Stardew Valley.

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