Zenkai Origins Codes List Wiki (November 2022)

Playing the new Roblox Zenkai Origins and want some free Zeni? Here are the promo codes for it.

Zenkai Origins is a Roblox game that came out on the 28th of November 2020. You can use Zenkai Origins Codes and redeem them for Zeni. Zeni is the in-game currency for Zenkai Origins. Popo Studios have constantly put out updates since the launch of the game. As of now, it has 2.6+ Million visits on the official page.

The game has originated from Dragon Ball Z. You can choose to be a human or a Saiyan. There are more than 50 hairstyles, and lots of outfits to choose from. The game has quests that you can do to earn some Zeni. You can upgrade your stats and even buy special attacks. This game is probably one of the best Dragon Ball Z Roblox Games. The developers usually put out codes that you can use to get some in-game rewards.

All Roblox Zenkai Origins Codes – November 2022

Roblox Zenkai Origins Codes (Working)

  • FREEMONEY – 5000 Zeni
  • GETDAGRIND – 2x XP Boost

Roblox Zenkai Origins Codes (Expired)

None of the codes has expired yet. Check back to see the section updated.

How To Redeem Zenkai Origins Codes?

To redeem these codes, you can follow these steps:


1. Press J on your keyboard in the Zenkai Origins Game.
2. A menu will open. You will see a box that asks you to enter your code.
3. Enter the code and submit.

Zenkai Origins Code


1. Click on the settings icon on your screen.
2. A menu appears. You can see the space to enter the code.
3. Enter the code and submit.

You will get your rewards immediately after you click submit.

Where to get Zenkai Origins Codes?

If you’re looking for more codes, know that the codes are announced by the developers. To keep yourself updated with the new updates and codes, you can join the Discord for Popo Studios or join their Roblox Group. Alternatively, you can check back on this post and we will keep you updated with the new codes and the codes that expire. If you want to get the new Zenkai Origins, you can get it here.

What are the Controls for Zenkai Origins?

According to the most recent update, these are the controls for Zenkai Origins.

  • M – Menu
  • F – Block
  • E – Ki Blast
  • Q – Dodge/Step Vanish
  • G – Transform 1
  • H – Transform 2
  • Shift + W W – Super Speed Fly
  • Shift/Ctrl – Fly Up/Fly Down
  • ALT – Toggle Shift Lock
  • V – Hide/Unhide Quest Guide

We hope these Zenkai Origins Codes worked for you! If you enjoy Roblox games, check out the codes for Myth Piece here.