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Roblox Vehicle Champions: Secret Egg Location

Here is how you can find the Vehicle Champions secret egg location in Roblox.

Easter is almost here and your favourite games are all hosting events for it. Many egg hunts are on the loose and people have been going all out trying to get the best prizes. Vehicle Champions on Roblox has recently put out a secret hidden egg somewhere on the map. If you’re looking to find this egg then hop along with us as we lead the way!

Where is the Secret Egg in Vehicle Champions?

Roblox Vehicle Champions: Secret Egg Location
Picture Credit to MatthewizcooolYt

Vehicle Champions is a game with over 36k visitors every day. The game has three islands and 45 different kinds of vehicles. The main currency in the game is in ‘Clicks’. Simply click anywhere and get the in-game currency to unlock islands and other treats. In this event, you will have to get at least 850k clicks to unlock the Toxic Land Island. This is where you will find the Vehicle Champions Secret Egg.

Once you get there, the egg is very easy to find and just takes a little direction. In no time, you will be at the Vehicle Champions Secret Egg. To find the Secret Egg, follow these steps:

  • From the spawn area, go to the Toxic Land portal
Go to the Toxic Portal
Picture Credit to MatthewizcooolYt
  • Now head to your left
  • Go past the egg chest to the edge of the cliff
Toxic Land Left
Picture Credit to MatthewizcooolYt
  • Jump over the tree trunk
Toxic Land Tree Trunk
Picture Credit to MatthewizcooolYt
  • Walk along the water edge of the cliff 
  • Try to walk into the side of the land
Land Area in Vehicle Champion Ledge
Picture Credit to MatthewizcooolYt
  • You will end up in the water now
  • The Secret Egg will be right up ahead
Roblox Vehicle Champions: Secret Egg Location Secret Egg Finally
Picture Credit to MatthewizcooolYt

Go to the Vehicle Champions Secret Egg to unleash the cool contents of its chest. That’s all there is to it!

You have now won the Roblox Vehicle Champions Secret Egg scavenger hunt and can help your friends to do the same. Share this article with anyone you think might need it if you don’t want to explain it yourself! Check out this article on the origin & history of Roblox explained.