Tower Defense Shinobi Codes List (December 2021)

Here are all Tower Defense Shinobi codes and what they provide when redeemed.

Tower Defense Shinobi is the latest game released on Roblox. It has not been a day since it was launched, the game has already achieved a milestone of having 10K active users. Similar to other Roblox games, players who started playing this game are currently searching for Tower Defense Shinobi codes and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

This post will not only provide a list of Tower Defense Shinobi codes but also explain how to redeem codes and earn free rewards. Since the game is all about collecting items and using them as towers to protect players’ bases from enemies, players will need a lot of money to get their characters strongest. With that in mind, we have come up with new codes for Tower Defense Shinobi that can get you a lot of in-game currency for free.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

All Tower Defense Shinobi Codes List – December 2021

Unlike other sites, we don’t post any code blindly. Yes, we test and verify all codes that we mentioned on our site. Tower Defense Shinobi was no different. Once we are done verifying codes, we mention both working and expired codes separately, saving our readers valuable time.

Tower Defense Shinobi Codes (Working)

Here are all active and working codes and what they provide when redeemed:

  • shutdown – Get 300 Fishcakes (NEW!)
  • thanksgiving – Get 450 Fishcakes (NEW!)
  • ThankYou – Get 300 Fishcakes (NEW!)

The devs of the game will drop a new code once the game gets 10K likes. The game has already been liked by around 8.5k users. As soon as they drop a new code, we will update this post.

Tower Defense Shinobi Codes (Expired)

The following codes are no longer active and can’t be redeemed right now.

  • 7.5kLikes!
  • 5kLikes!
  • Release!

How To Redeem Tower Defense Shinobi Codes?

Redeeming codes in Tower Defense Shinobi is too simple. Those who don’t know the code redemption process must follow the given steps:

  • Launch the game on Roblox.
  • Search and click on the Twitter icon.
  • Enter the working code into the text box.
  • Hit the Redeem button to claim your rewards.

Where To Find New Codes For Tower Defense Shinobi?

It is pretty easy to find new Tower Defense Shinobi codes. What all you need to do is follow the devs on Twitter and Discord. Otherwise, you can bookmark and visit this page from time to time as we will keep you updated with additional codes when they become available.