How To Get The Sunlight Marker In Find The Markers

Looking for a sunlight marker, this article will guide you.

This marker is an extreme difficulty marker that is part of the find the marker series, currently, there are more than 200+ markers here. And getting your hands on all of them will provide you with a final reward. In this article, we’ll see where we can find and how we can get sunlight marker in Find the Markers.

Where to Find Sunlight Marker in Find the Markers

Sunlight Marker Roblox

Meet Yellow Marker

  • Look around your starting point to see a shop with a pool in front of it, “pe Olde Shop“.
  • Go in the shop and look behind the counter, you’ll see a yellow marker with a question mark on its head.
  • Approach it to the start dialogue box, now choose the third dialogue, then choose the first dialogue.
  • Now the marker would say “I’ve something I need to show you“. Then another set of dialogues will open, choose “hmm”.
  • You’ll be taken in front of an orb map, this map shows the location of all the orbs and the order in which they are to be activated, take picture of the map.
  • Now teleport back to your starting point and look for the clock tower at one side of your stairs.
  • Once you find the clock tower, climb on it, to get teleported to a new location, Washable kingdom.

Activating Orbs

  • Turn right from the starting point of this location, then walk towards the last pond, and move your camera a little beneath the pond, to see an orb.
  • Now jump inside the pond you saw the orb in, and activate the first orb.
  • Then teleport back to your starting point using the sun-like symbol placed on the bottom of your screen.
  • Turn around and walk towards the next orb, it’s at the end of the path.
  • From there again turn right and look for the shops, your next orb is in front of one of those shops.
  • Go behind the shops and look for the blue area, at the edge of that area you’ll find your next orb.
  • Teleport back to your starting point and enter the castle in front of you, go to the top of that castle using the stairs beside you.
  • Now look for the next orb, it’s in the tower, that’s in front of you.
  • Jump down from the castle, and look for the next orb in front of the ramp.
  • Now for this last orb, you’ll have to go up using that ramp, and look for the hole in the wall.
  • Jump down from that hole, and activate the last orb.

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Blue Mushrooms

  • Then come up again and go to the right side, you’ll see a new door, enter it.
  • Now take the left door, and keep walking to its end, you’ll see a glowing mushroom, click on it.
  • A path will open, hop to go in the middle, there you’ll see another glowing mushroom set, click on it, and a new path will open.
  • Go across using that and there you’ll see three sets of mushrooms, click on them in 213 order.
  • A path will open at end of the route, go inside and climb up.
  • You’ll end up in a blue room that has a sunlight marker in it.

This was all about how you can find and get sunlight marker in Roblox Find the Markers.