Roblox Slayers Unleashed Codes (June 2022)

Here's a quick guide on how to redeem codes in Slayers Unleashed.

Slayers Unleashed is a game on Roblox that currently, everyone is talking about. The reason why it has become a talk of the town is it has just got a new update, introducing new codes to the game.

Slayers Unleashes has received its latest update recently but there are numerous players who reported that they are having multiple errors. The developer of the game has acknowledged those errors and urged players to wait as they have a very small team.


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About Slayers Unleashed

Slayers Unleashed is a Roblox game that seems to be based on the anime Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba). The game allows you to customize your character as your liking and enter the dangerous world that has been waiting for you. 


Notably, this Roblox game can only be played on PC and PC. If you have just started playing the game but don’t know its control then keep reading this post.


  • M1 – Combat
  • F – Block
  • 1-0 – Toolbar
  • M (HOLD) – Menu
  • E – Interact
  • Shift – Run
  • Alt – Shift Lock


Here Are All The Latest Slayers Unleashed Codes – June 2022

When you start Slayers Unleashed on Roblox, you will get a Code option at the bottom left corner of the screen. Since the game is still in the testing phase, the developer will drop new codes in the times to code.

Slayers Unleashed Codes (Working)


Here’s the complete list of Slayers Unleashed codes and what each code provides when redeemed:

  • ;code 2M_MEMBERS1 (1-2): Race reroll
  • ;code 60mVISITS1 (1-2); Clan reroll
  • ;code breathee_1 (1-10) (NEW): Breathing reroll
  • ;code clan_diff10 (1-10): Clan reroll
  • ;code demon_r0ll1 (1-10): Race reroll
  • ;code domaaa_EXP: EXP Boost
  • ;code domaaa_DROP: Drop Boost
  • ;code domaisBACK1 (1-10): Demon Art reroll
  • ;code followSt0ry1 (1-2): Breathing reroll
  • ;code friday_spree1 (1-2): Demon Art reroll
  • ;code gimme_mArk1 (1-10): Slayer Mark reroll
  • ;code goodMORNIN1 (1-2): Breathing reroll
  • ;code hello_ppl1 (1-2) (NEW): Race reroll
  • ;code icystatreset: Stat reset
  • ;code monday_spree1 (1-2): Demon Art reroll
  • ;code newM4rk_1 (1-2): Slayer Mark reroll
  • ;code playRanked1 (1-10): Breathing reroll
  • ;code playSUpls1 (1-2): Clan reroll
  • ;code racIsCool1 (1-10) (NEW): Clan reroll
  • ;code reset_urstuff (NEW): Stat point reset
  • ;code springStart1 (1-10) (NEW): Race reroll
  • ;code subtoSU1 (1-2): Slayer Mark reroll
  • ;code sunDae_DROP: Drop Boost
  • ;code sunDae_EXP: EXP Boost
  • ;code sundaeM4rk1 (1-10) (NEW): Slayer Mark reroll
  • ;code thankYOU1 (1-2) (NEW): Clan reroll
  • ;code tgif1 (1-2) (NEW): Breathing reroll
  • ;code twitterStuff1 (1-2): Race reroll
  • ;code weRuling1 (1-10) (NEW): Demon Art reroll
  • ;code wowMARK1 (1-2) (NEW): Slayer Mark reroll
  • ;code gambit_goat1 (1-2): Demon Art reroll
  • ;code followSt0ry1 (1-2): Breathing reroll
  • ;code twitterStuff1 (1-2): Race reroll
  • ;code playSUpls1 (1-2): Clan reroll
  • ;code newM4rk_1 (1-2): Slayer Mark reroll
  • ;code b0nusEXPP: EXP Boost
  • ;code dreamon1! (1-10): Demon Art reroll
  • ;code n3zukoBDA1 (1-10): Demon Art reroll
  • ;code noPointz1! (1-5): Stat point reset
  • ;code pointzzGOGO: Stat point reset
  • ;code race190k1 (1-2): Race reroll
  • ;code raid_dr0pp: Drop Boost
  • ;code rrace1! (1-10): Race reroll
  • ;code santa_Clan1 (1-10): Clan reroll
  • ;code tanjiroBREATH1 (1-10): Breathing reroll
  • ;code winterMark1 (1-10): Slayer Mark reroll
  • ;code winterR4ce1 (1-10): Race reroll

These are all codes that can be redeemed in Slayers Unleashed. If you want to get more codes, be sure to visit this page frequently as we will keep you updated with more codes when they become available.

Slayers Unleashed Codes (Expired)

The following Slayers Unleashed codes are no longer active and can’t be redeemed right now.

  • ;code speed_BDA1 (1-12)
  • ;code SLAY_D3MONZ1 (1-12)
  • ;code reroll_BEST1 (1-12)
  • ;code loveUall1 (1-12)
  • ;code love_sl4yer1 (1-12)
  • ;code speed_XP
  • ;code speed_DROP
  • ;code follow_Zeno1 (1-12)
  • ;code vDay1 (1-12)
  • ;code vDay_reset
  • ;code vDay_DROP
  • ;code vDay_XP
  • ;code valentine1 (1-12)
  • ;code february_reset
  • ;code endless_BDA1 (1-10)
  • ;code ChadDemon1
  • ;code INFINITY1 (1-12)
  • ;code 15mindropzz!
  • ;code 190kbreath1 (1-2)
  • ;code 190kdem0n1 (1-2)
  • ;code clann1 (1-10)
  • ;code claNNN1 (1-2)
  • ;code Clandy1 (1-2)
  • ;code g4mbitBreath1!
  • ;code g4mbitClan1!
  • ;code g4mbitDemon1!
  • ;code g4mbitRace1!
  • ;code gogrindb0ss
  • ;code hall0wrace1
  • ;code hiMark1!
  • ;code robloxD0wn1 (1-5)
  • ;code n3wmark1 (1-2)
  • ;code pumpkn1 (1-2)
  • ;code r4ceChange1 (1-2)
  • ;code s0rryBreathe1 (1-5)
  • ;code s0rryDem0n1 (1-4)
  • ;code sozcl4n1 (1-5)
  • ;code sozr4ce1 (1-5)
  • ;code sp00kypower1! (1-10)
  • ;code sp00kyStory1 (1-2)
  • ;code trick0rclan1 (1-5)
  • ;code weareb4ck1 (1-5)

How To Redeem Slayers Unleashed Codes?

Redeeming codes in Slayers Unleashed is too easy. If you don’t know the procedure then follow the given steps:

  • First, you will have to join a Roblox group named ‘Slayers Unleashed’ by clicking on the Join Group option shown in the below picture.

Slayers Unleashed Roblox Group

  • When you click on it, you will be asked to solve a puzzle to get your identity verified.
  • Once joined, you will have to head back to the game and click on the chat option.

Slayers Unleashed Redeem Code

  • You simply need to type the above-given code into the chat and hit the Enter button.
  • That’s It.

How To Get New Slayer Unleashed Codes?

Obtaining new Slayers Unleashed codes is too easy. All you need to do is follow the developer on Twitter and Discord. Apart from following them on social media,  you can also join the groups mentioned below for perks:


Alternately, you can also bookmark this page and visit from time to time as we will keep you updated with additional codes when they are released.

How To Become Demon in Slayer Unleashed?

There are players who want to become a Demon but they don’t actually know the process and if that’s you then follow the given steps:

  • Launch the game on Roblox
  • Find the Demon Recruit, Surma, who is located on the corner of the town.

Surma Demon Recruit

  • When you meet him for the first time, he will ask you ‘Would you like to become a Demon?.

Slayers Unlashed Demon

  • To become a Demon in the game, you will have to click on the YES option.
  • That’s It.

All Slayers Unleashed Locations

There is numerous place in this game that players have been having trouble to find. For the unversed, players will have to visit different places to buy Girls’ clothes, boy’s clothes, Katana, and other items in the game.

If you don’t know where these locations are located in Slayers Unleashed then watch the following YouTube video.

As soon as more information related to the Slayers Unleashed becomes available, we will update this post.


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