Roblox Royale High: What Is The Magical Enchantress Worth? (2022)

Players can trade the Magical Enchantress item in Roblox Royale High

Royal High is a role play and dress-up game on Roblox. It originally came into being as a Winx Club fan roleplay game. However, it has come into its own since then. One of the features in this game allows players to exchange items with other players. This way even if players miss out on rare or limited-time items, they can trade them with other players. The Magical Enchantress is one such clothing item that is much sought after in Royale High. So, how much is the Magical Enchantress worth? Let us find out.Magical_Enchantress

How Much Is The Magical Enchantress Worth In Roblox Royale High?


Before we get into the worth of the Magical Enchantress, it is important to know what it is. The Magical Enchantress is a skirt that was available in Royale High for a limited period of time. However, it is no longer possible to purchase the skirt from the shop. It has been removed from the shop and is now a part of the Legacy section.

The description for the skirt reads, “Everyone will feel enchanted to meet you with this eye-catching skirt on, which includes a voluminous top layer and form-fitting lower layer. This skirt receives a 5 out of 5 on the Royale Floof Scale and pairs exquisitely with any color or fabric design.”

Royale-High-Magical-Enchantress 1


Players can only get the Magical Enchantress skirt by trading it with other players in the game now. It was originally priced at 25,000 Diamonds in the shop. Currently, it is being valued between 100k to 500k for trade. This is quite a fair price considering this is a rare legacy item. Depending on how players want to skew the trade, they might get up more than this price for this item. However, players can easily get somewhere between 100 to 500k for the Magical Enchantress.

This is all there is to know about the Magical Enchantress in Royale High. Players can also get some extra free diamonds in Roblox Royale High. For more details, see How To Get Free Diamonds In Roblox Royale High?